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I generally never post to these types of forums but am doing so in the expectation that someone within QVC management will read this and take note.


I have been shopping at QVC for a number of years and own quite a few Susan Graver items which I still wear today. However, I doubt I will do any additional purchasing from QVC unless things chance drastically. As for myself, I am fortunate and blessed to have the ability to purchase my clothing from almost anywhere I want and shop at stores such as Walmart and Target up to Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. If I like something and I believe it is a good value, I will purchase it. However, QVC has gotten completely out of control with not only their pricing, but the quality of their items. During a recent free shipping day, I ordered twelve items from the Susan Graver line and was shocked not only with the shoddy construction and workmanship, but also the quality of material used - more in line with something I would purchase from Walmart for a far less price and ended up returned eleven of the items. In addition, in the current new Susan Graver selection, there is not one item I would want to purchase, everything is ugly and boring and much too expensive for what it is - almost $50.00 for a simple turtleneck? I purchased something much nicer from Saks Fifth Avenue for less than $40.00. The Susan Graver line seems to be completely out of touch with current fashion trends.


I am well aware of the current economic situation (I work in finance) and prices have increased everywhere. However, most other stores have valuable coupons and promotions, especially for their loyal and repeat customers, something completely missing from QVC. I have absolutely no interest in five easy pays which is just a pyschological gimmick to make people think an item is less expensive than it actually is. I noticed lately that unless an item is on clearance, the host never once mentions the retail price, only the easy pay price.


I am not even going to start with the cost of shipping which discourages customers from purchasing a large amount of items. While it is reasonable cost for one or two items, it is not when purchasing six items, especially when most other retailers offer free shipping after spending a certain threshold. I am completely aware of the current situation with shippers, but this has been occuring with QVC way before the problem began.


An finally, returns are ridiculous - for most items I purchase on line, if I want to return the item I can go the store and receive an immediate credit. My last QVC return took three weeks to process and my items for exchange were sold out. It takes even longer for the credit to be posted to the credit card, and no, that is not the bank's fault because all other credits from other retailers post promptly.


I recently read a business article where the current average QVC shopper is "aging out" and entering a period of their life when they no longer need new items and are downsizing and disposing of items and they will need to attract and keep younger shoppers with disposible income. It will be hard to break old habits when people have grown up in a retail environment that respects and values their repeat customers and they receive their purchases in a timely manner. Younger people are completely comfortable purchasing anything over the internet and have become experts in price comparisons.


I doubt much will change and as a result, QVC will continue to lose customers.

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@gnomie1    Excellent post and right on target except the problem is not limited to the SG line.  Quality of fabric has gotten so bad across all lines that I can't find a fabric heavy enough to wear on a cold winter day.  Everything is cheap polyester loaded with Spandex and thin. 


The problem is, probably nobody in management will see your comments.  There's never been any indication anyone with authority ever reads theses boards.  Too bad as there's a plethora of information they could use here.


I suggest you print it, stick a stamp on it and mail to the Qurate CEO, Mr. David Rawlinson, at the address listed at the bottom of this page. 

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Re: QVC losing their way

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This has been a rather frequent topic here, some may agree with you, others may disagree, so be prepared.  


Try posting this to Feedback at the bottom of this page.  That goes to the Customer Care Department.  Chances are better QVC management will eventually see it than here. 


There is a Customer Care link where you can post located in the column to the left on this page, as well.


Customer Care under Feedback may reply to your email. I received a few.  Won't guarantee it, though.  

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I was excited last spring to get four new pair of the old faithful (well, not so much now) Denim and Co. original pants that I love.


They were horrible, the fit, construction and material were awful.  Here's the problem.  I understand things are going up, inflation is here.  So how much would I pay for a good pair?  A LOT.  But from what I read here, most people either couldn't or wouldn't.  So what is QVC supposed to do?


QVC's shipping and returns are archaic.  As is their billing where you never really see what a return cost and how the sum was arrived at. 


Kitchen wise, I'd like to see them give the old war horses and tired sad old things a rest and bring in something fresh.  I'd like to see a kitchen show where they intersperse things made in the USA and in very limited qualities--like USA made cutting boards.  Bring them in, do a quick demo and sell 'em out FAST!  Then go back to Mark Charles.  But make us see something fresh, exciting and one we need to grab and it's gone.


Give us something to be excited about, something from a smaller company in small quantities and sell it out!  Must like the old 50 in 50 tour without the bus!  

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Believe it or not, most well run business entities have people who carefully monitor all social media postings - however other than for Facebook, Twitter, you will rarely receive a response. This is especially true right now when many people are hesitant to participate in focus groups and the only way a business can get current insight from their customers is by on line chats. Very difficult to run a successful focus grop via zoom - there are too many variables. A live focus group will be filmed for later analysis. After the moderator asks a qustions, many characteristics are closely studied, such a facial expression and body movement - difficult to do that with zoom. 


I have no idea of QVC and parent company Qurate back office business operations, but I would be really surprised if they not only ready these boards, but comments are carefully reviewed. This forum is a goldmine of data and if Qurate is not mining it, they are completely out of touch with current business operations of successful companies.


I believe that the reason they wanted to change the format of this forum is to allow for more efficient and accurate data mining but did a very poor job in the execution.

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@gnomie1   Well said.

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Also, the reason they are encouraging people to move over to Facebook is because Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is the market leader with the regard to data mining and businesses pay a premium price to purchase this information. I personally value my privacy too much and have never been on Facebook, but on many occasions I have reviewed the data available in detail and not only is it mind boggling, it is down right scary how much information they are able to obtain - this is why QVC would LOVE for all the contents from these forums to moved over to Facebook..

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In my opinion the Q lost their way several years ago.  As with the OP I am fortunate enough to shop where I want.  I'm tired of the horrible quality of items at the Q and the huge prices plus shipping.  People can shop where they want and I'm so glad I don't have to shop here.  I love having a choice.

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Sadly, I have to totally agree with your comments about Susan Graver's quality. The past two items I have ordered, I have said, "Never again!"  Such cheap fabric, polyester, that did not even look like anything other than cheap polyester. Not paying $60. or more for such pathetic quality.  

Today I put on a Louis Del'Olio wool jacket that is so beautifully tailored and the fabric is thick, rich, and gorgeous. I paid less for this than a silly SG item.

Miss You so much, Louis!!

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Re: QVC losing their way

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@gnomie1 Your points are all spot on but I think their fundamental struggle is called out in your last paragraph on the "aging out" of their largest customer base. They have cemented themselves as the grandma channel in the minds of many shoppers who know about QVC.

They are floundering in the retail sea, being neither one thing or another, not able to woo the younger crowd and boring their boomer backbone. The wine drinking, girls at home segments are targeting the moms of school age kids, and look at the backlash on the boards about this sales tactic. The complaints about the fuddy duddy offerings from D&C are indicative of the boomers frustration with prints that are garish or outdated and unflattering cuts. They try and sell trendy beauty lines but Sephora and Ulta are stiff competition so these vendors disappear quickly and we get more hours of IT, Josie M and Philosopy.


I like the idea of the poster who suggested they bring in limited quantities of items, sell them out, and keep the offerings fresh. I know in the past they demanded a huge quantity be available (from a friend who pitched a product that was accepted but the quantity was beyond their capability). Since most entrepreneurs cannot manage the volume, it's back to the same old larger brand names. 

And I agree with those who feel their push to Facebook is to take advantage of marketing tracking data. I joined their Facebook group in October when they asked us to migrate to their page, and after seeing the content, quickly deleted my membership.