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I'm watching Q2 and the boot show with Ali. Very nice Clarks ankle boot for $99 plus additional tax and shipping. I took a chance and looked for the same boot on Amazon. There it is for $82 and NO shipping. It pays to look around before "adding to my cart and checking out." I do appreciate the great explanation and demonstration by Ali and Leana of Clarks. 

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Macys is having a big sale on Clarks boots. Free shipping and returns. 

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I think that's one of QVC's problems. They showcase products that can be found at a lower cost elsewhere. Those other retailers are then able to take advantage of what it cost QVC to broadcast.

If selling items from non QVC brands they need to sell exclusive items. Exclusive styles and colors. Things that can't be readily available at a vendor's site, eBay, Amazon, or other department stores.


That's what Mr. Rawlinson should deeply be focusing on.


It's no wonder their program guide is heavy with QVC proprietary brands. 

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I think QVC is banking on their long time loyal customers to not do their due diligence and look elsewhere for the same item at a lower cost.

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Sometimes the boots on Macy's or other retail sites might cost the same as QVC, but there is no S&H. I just purchased a pair of Clark boots from the Clarks store for $99.00, the same price as QVC. However, with QVC you pay an additional $5.50 for S&H. 


I also recently purchased a pair of boots that were $129.99 on QVC and Macy's. I really wanted these boots, so I checked on the actual website. They were also $129.99 but had 15% to register and on top an additional 30% online. Since I tried on the boots, I knew they were comfortable and very stylish!


Anyhow all this to say I purchased them for $81.00 with tax and free shipping.


Btw the brand is Easy Spirit! 

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@ncmom @Suxela @Redshoes07 @Etoile308 @turtle52 


Be sure to check Rakuten for cashback of Clark's whether you purchase through Macy's or QVC.  Go to Rakuten and from there proceed to your chosen company's website.

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While it does pay to shop around, easy pay is a strong draw for many QVC shoppers.

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Just ordered a pair of black suede high ankle boots today from Macy's folr $59 and free shipping.  QVC now price gouges on everything...that is one of the reasons they are going under....that and the fact they have to pay for 2 hosts at a just cannot leartn sad anymore

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@qbetzforreal wrote:

While it does pay to shop around, easy pay is a strong draw for many QVC shoppers.


I'll also add that QVC has a much better loyalty program than Macy's and many other stores.  I've received at least one promo code for 20% off a week for the past two months.  

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@Redshoes07 @qbetzforreal 



I think you hit the nail on the can tell from a lot of the comments on this forum that it appears many don't realize they can compare prices on other sites....!!!


There also seems to still be people out there who don't know how to "google",use  coupon sites, or realize they should deal directly with a professional source...the ones who ask about whether thier insurance company will pay for a rental car accident ( Call YOUR insurance company and find out!!!) or for divorce advice on a shopping channel forum ( Call your own lawyer today!!!....) and other instances I can't recall this early in the day....


These are the customers who will automatically hit "Buy" wiithout checking other sites.Q depends on most are older ( Q's cohort)....They "trust" QVC.


As for Easy Pay...a LOT of places are offering this type of plan's called "buy now-pay later" and I have to laugh...when this became more popular a few years ago, they were touted as "new" ways for shoppers to afford things they want...get billed in installments....and I recall thinking..."Q" has done that for decades!!!!".


Which REALLY shows how few people, in the whole scheme of things. actually buy off TV.