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Good genes and avoiding alcohol helps keep my wrinkles away. Doing a dry January might improve her skin's appearance. It seems like a lot of the hosts enjoy their wine, as they often have to sell it or sample it on air.
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I was hoping to watch too, but then I saw it was Jane Treacy and I knew it would be all prattle and jumping around. I am sure she is a nice person, but she is too "over the top" in her presenting. She talks over people and interrupts and then tries to act cute. 

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thought she looks closer to 70 with all the blush she wears

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So very very many are told by others they don't look their age, be it 60, 70 or more. I believe older people believe this, while people are being nice and think that's what one says. 

There is a certain middle age span where it is difficult to distiguish what age a person is. That might be between 40-60. A woman who takes very good care of her skin, weight, nutrition and work outs, can pass for much younger for a long time. 

By the time gravity strikes, is a different story. If you have wrinkles and sagging skin, there's no fooling any more. Everyone can see that you've reached an old age. There are many who have work done, and they have a lifted face that looks young, but their neck, hands are a tell. For example look at Susan Graver. Her face is tight, and her neck looks 80. 

To me, it's not good to look at an 80 year old woman who doesn't have a wrinkle. It's just bizarre, and I would hate to have that. I think it is a blessing to grow old. My BFF died at 72. I exercise daily, watch my weight carefully, and eat healthily. I just want to look like a strong, healthy, attractive older lady. I don't think any woman should "give up." But every mature woman can make aging attractive and show our young peopole that aging is not something to be feared and must be hidden. It's all a part of life and all of them are good.



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I love Perricone! Many, many years ago I watched a PBS special with Dr. Perricone and he talked about his research with aging, nutrition, and skin care. I then read his books and took notes. I know Perricone is expensive, but it has made my skin tighter and smoother. I am 74 and have no lines and no wrinkles. Yes, I started in high school to take great care of my skin, and it shows. I am pleased that Perricone took my 11 lines to a slight fade, and also the lines around my mouth, which were getting deeper. 

Jane and Mary Beth are the only two who have had no "work" done, and no Botox. It shows, especially on high def TV. 

Dana is a wonder to me. I follow her on FB, about her long difficult journey with cancer. I was thrilled to see that she was well enough to appear in person. And yes, her skin is amazing!!

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@jananddean wrote:

thought she looks closer to 70 with all the blush she wears

I think that the fact that many of us watch in HD (frequently on large screens) makes it very difficult for people on TV to look natural, especially in close ups (such as when selling make up or skincare). All of the hosts wear more make up on the air than they probably would "in real life," even the relatively younger ones. I've seen close-ups of the younger "it girls," and they have a ton of make up on. Brows, eye makeup, blush—all really heavy. So, sure, if you're older and have more wrinkles to start with, it probably isn't a great look close up in HD.

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@jananddean wrote:

thought she looks closer to 70 with all the blush she wears

Jane would look MUCH better if she did not wear so much makeup.  Less is more IMO. Rachael and Carolyn seem to wear the least and they look much better.  The fake eyelashes, exagerated brows and outlined lips might be good for stage makeup but on TV I think it all adds to lines and wrinkles.

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This has nothing to do with Perricone. IMO the false eyelashes, not only on the Q, but everywhere, are really getting ridiculous. Not just on celebrities, but in real life also. I have seen women out & about who have lashes so ridiculously long that it is hard to imagine how they can see.


As said, IMO.

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Dr. Perricone sold his company and took all of his patents with him. So, what formulations is the HUT company using to formulate the skincare line. Dana represents the established products in the dark containers and the HUT company brought in a new product development person who was on air. Unless Dr. Perricone sells HUT his patents all of the original products will change. QVC is always out of stock on Perricone Super Greens and frequently cancels autodelivery.

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You're right.  I have never seen significant difference between a before or after pic for any skincare product.  If there is any difference, it is negligible.  Some of the models whose after pic (Josie Maran products) show a huge difference for the better in the after pic.  But, what happened??  When I see that same model now, she looks exactly like or worse than the after pic.  What gives??