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Re: Ordering Less

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sometimes if i cant sleep i put the shopping channel on and just close my eyes and listen. usually works and helps me fall asleep! Smiley Happy

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@maximillian I agree with your observations. This shopping network has the least efficient return /exchange program. I have only been shopping here on QVC for a very few years. No more.
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I used to spend a lot on qvc purchases but I stopped about 5 months ago.  I have plenty of clothing and shoes for now.  

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I really have enough clothes too. What I purchased lately was greatly reduced & classis styles. I did get frustrated by the size charts not being right anymore. I tried looking at customer reviews but that doesn't help a lot unless you know their measurements. I sorted everything out & unless I find something that may be hard to find in my local stores. I'm set. When you have to exchange by the time it's processed  the size I need is gone. So you have to pay $3.50 to try something on? At least I have been able to get my return shipping refunded!  

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Same here. No longer interested in buying shoes or jewelry.  Have more than enough. I do love my handbags though but I buy elsewhere...better selection, actual sales and free shipping plus rewards for being a customer.  No interest in beauty items or makeup as I don’t use much and the few I do use...again, I get elsewhere.  The only thing I buy here is clothing...just tops.  But I have cut way down on even that and only buy if something really jumps out at me or is a one day only or sale price.

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Pretty much quit buying clothing from QVC.  Sizing isn't consistent; not enough petites or XXS sizes.   I don't need more anyway since I don't have much of a social life now.  QVC's clothing now is pretty much all the same between the different lines and I choose not  to pay $50-$60+ for a top.   I still "fall for" kitchen items since some brands are only at QVC and I love getting kitchen items in colors.  These colors are seldom available at other retailers.  Big selling point for me.  Many times I do pass on something I want because of the shipping cost.

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I find myself ordering less too.  Most of what I order is from cooking shows as I am fortunate to live in an area with a lot of discount stores and can get clothing at what are reasonable prices compared to QVC and I can try things on.  One thing I'm not happy with is that now that they are attached to HSN I see a lot of cheaper quality products from HSN migrating over to QVC. I had a bad experience with HSN 30 years ago and vowed I'd never buy from them again and I haven't.  Sad to see HSN stuff showing up on QVC.   I also don't like it that the cooking shows have turned into grocery shopping shows and they offer more pre-cooked foods than products you can actually cook with or that you can use in the kitchen.  AND a few months ago David touted the fact that ITKWD would be on an additonal night on Friday.  That lasted about 2 weeks and now it's just another show full of stuff, virtually none of it related to cooking.  I look forward to the cooking shows, especially on Sunday.  I turned it on today and there's David in his apron selling Christmas tree lights!!!  I looked at the show description for the day only to see that it was a show of prepared foods!  Bummer!  Off went the TV!  I'm also tired of seeing nothing but Christmas, Christmas, Christmas for the past 2 months!  What started out as a week of Christmas in July has turned into Christmas in July, August, September, October, November and December!   Very disappoinying as I have gotten some nice things from QVC and for a good price, especially if I could get a TSV.      

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I am going further I am not ordering anymore and I have been ordering for twenty years.  I just received my statement and was ready to pay the balance and noticed that I was paying for two pairs of shoes I returned.  I looked at my account and saw they gave me back 2.00 and 3.00 and charged me 15.00 and 16.00 dollars for shoes I returned, I called customer service thinking it was a mistake nope it was not this is the return policy.  I checked back at one other return and saw they did the same thing I really feel stupid for not checking month's ago I just paid the bill and did not look at the statement.  I am shocked how stupid I am for shopping with QVC.  I have shopped with other companies and returned clothes and other items and never received such little money back this has to be greed on QVC's part.  I will no longer watch or buy I will now go back to real stores and spend my money. 

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Prices have jumped and the shipping & handling are also costly.......rarely given a discount on damaged or items ordered that were wrong size or color........sizing is all over the place even with size charts......I have loved the Q but will cut back and venture out for awhile.....change can be eye opening.......
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I have cut back severely for a host of reasons, but mainly it is the same ol' stuff, over and over again. Even the designers/products that were fresh and innovating are no longer.  I used to keep qvc on as I was running around during the day, if something popped up, and it usually did, I'd buy it. It's rare now, even more rare that the "Q" channel is even on.  Sorry QVC, it was a long and fun run, but stale for me now.