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A new Dyson vacuum cleaner for Christmas Woman Sad

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

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You shouldn't have. Woman LOL

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Well then just switch over to the other channel where overpirced handbags are being sold.  Me.....I'm watching sheets on hsn.  It's the least offensive.  Eye roll.

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Nothing on air today would be a Christmas present, but even if it were, I'd far prefer a vacuum to a $300.00 piece of jewelry or an expensive handbag.


My only problem is that I can think of 42 dozen reasons not to use the vacuums I already have.

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Lol.  When my DH and I got engaged, I made him swear never to purchase as a gift for me household appliances, vacuum cleaners, towels or things considered “needed or useful”. 


Those items are purchased anyway when necessary and are not, to me, considered a personal thoughtful gift.