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Would someone PLEASE tell Lisa when she is presenting beauty items to please let the vendors talk and explain their products. We really are not interested in hearing Lisa's experience with each and every product. Time is up and we never get to hear the expert. Also, enough with the glamour girl...the TSV with Honora was just a little over the top.

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When someone PLEASE tell the guests to let Lisa do her job of explaining the ordering options on the products before they interrupted her. Time after time we hear the so call experts interrupted her and never get all the ordering options. Also continue the glamor girl on jewelry shows. The dress was beautiful.

I'd rather hear about the product from someone who represents the line and knows more about it than the show host. I don't need a lot of explanation on how to order an item, especially when it is repeated way too often to begin with.

I'd rather hear about the product from the host, who knows just as much or more about the product then the product rep. does. I don't need a lot of explanation on how to apply make up or use a beauty tool. Especially when the same items are constantly shown over and over again.

Really, you have difficulty knowing how to order? If you don't need a lot of explanation on how to apply makeup or use a beauty tool, why do you need a host to explain how to?

NO, I don't have difficulty knowing how to order. But I do need the host to tell the choices and the price of the item, before I order it or watch the presentation. Which is the hosts job and not the guests. If the items do not come in a color I like or is at a price that I am not willing to pay for the item, why waste my time watching the presentation.

I am also a customer that can recall the hosts doing the majority of the presentations without guests and got more out of the presentations when it was like that.

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They don't need two people presenting the item. If it is e "launch" of anew product, then I like the rep to do the explaining and the talking.
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Why does she dress up in all the gowns & have orange hands? Yuck

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This is the holiday season. Can't we let go if the bashing for just a few weeks? GEEZ!!!!

Thank you!!

Great post {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Why do people call it bashing when others state their opinions,negative or positive?Read it,agree or disagree.These posts do not change your life!!

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On 12/4/2013 MaxieMoo said: Lisa is Lisa's biggest problem...her ego gets in her own way. I just turn the channel because watching her look at herself constantly in the monitor and then hearing her conceited humor is just too much Lisa for me
Completely agree.

If you've noticed, she greets people with the exact same greeting: "Hi honey, good seeing you". It's so artificial and annoying. I wonder what the REAL Lisa is like.


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Yes, I agree Lisa is her own worst enemy. There are plenty of successful hosts who are confident, pretty and wealthy. None of them are fodder for the threads like Lisa. She brings out the worst in herself as well as her detractors. I simply can't watch her at all and don't.
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Lisa's ""glamour girl"" days are long over!

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I belive Lisa is a very insecure person and that's why she is desperate for attention. If she would tone down her antics, she would be much more attractive.
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STOP wearing total black