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Does that mean it was dead before?

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@Foxxee wrote:

At least it's not anything like "Deals On The Daily."







All the cutsie  "Q talk" these days.  


Yeah!  What does that translate to in English?  



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@Johnnyeager wrote:

Thanks for posting!  I love everything about marketing and love to see a company's slogan strategy,  whether they work or not!

You're welcome. It's interesting how QVC is trying to continue using the word "discover" which they claim relates to their magnifying-glass-like logo. The new slogan is certainly better than "Beyond Bricks, Beyond Clicks" and "We believe in a third way to shop" which were registered a couple years ago and apparently not used.

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@banned again 

I think this is a Great thread, thanks!  The slogans are dumb in my opinion.



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Not impressed, they sound blah and would not catch my attention or stick in my mind.

"I never changed, I just learned."
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I think it's catchy, but untrue.  More like wishful thinking...


I think it more of a shot at being "Alive!" when they were "live" 24 hours a day with a good deal of live programming on their numerous redundant channels.


Face it; it's a new Q.  If you're used to the old Q, you're not going to be thrilled with the new one.

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@Foxxee wrote:

At least it's not anything like "Deals On The Daily."

Or  Fri Yea!

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@GoneButNotForgotten wrote:

@banned again wrote:

QVC registered two versions of their new slogan with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week. The two applications are:


Discover Where Shopping Comes Alive




Where Shopping Comes Alive


What do you think?






@GoneButNotForgotten You looked it up?  

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@CalminHeart wrote:

Q can say whatever it wants but I doubt it will change showing the same dozen products, or variations of, over and over and over.

I think they got it where they want it: owning most of it themselves, a few vendors and they can make of the money themselves. 

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The slogans were only just filed. They go through a process before gaining registration. It'll be at least six months before they are approved for registration.

Registration allows the owner to use the "circle r" symbol.

Until the marks are registered, the owner uses the "tm" or "sm" symbol to show they are being used as trademarks or service marks.

Used to work in this field.

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