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I anticipate some negative feedback, but I got into QVC as a 20-somethings bc my mom and aunt had it on as background noise always and it grew on me. My first purchase was an iPad here from my apartment living in Philly, I was a call in and they interviewed me and my mom called me asap and was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING BUYING AN IPAD I CAN HEAR YOU ON MY TV!!! And so it began…

From Wicker Park hanging baskets to VPH squirrel figurine and way too many joggers, I’m a devoted shopper. But even in the last 10 years, I’ve seen changes and maybe I can see what QVC lost…

1) Too many avenues of access: QVC/QVC 2/QVC online/ QVC 3 (idk if it still exists)/Beauty IQ. Cut costs of just streamlining to online portal to purchase and QVC main channel.

2) If you’re losing customers, consider bringing back the customers that were loyal. Amazon, IG, TikTok, have all ways for any influencer to sell a product. If QVC wants to succeed it needs to embrace the older demographic and thrive in it. If you’re “50 and Fabulous” then okay, build off your customers.

3) The following has gone away:
- Diamonique or others such as Vincenzia and Bronzo Italia jewelry (man I miss that stuff it never got brassy on me)
- Did the sleeping beauty turquoise run out? Did the mine finally run out? It’s nowhere to be found.
- Decor! Older demographic loves our decor! I hardly saw diddily squat when it came to Fall decor. I have so much great stuff from 4-6 years ago.
- Less Beauty: we have ulta and Sephora and can return for free so like we can simmer down on the makeup.
- TALK ABOUT SIZING: So many hosts do not discuss sizing enough, they just talk about nonsense. If I’m buying something and praying I don’t have to pay to return the darn thing, make it a point to discuss sizing, especially on models. Why hire models if you miss this mark?
- Stop with the supplements: Look I work in healthcare, they capitalize on this and it’s a gimmick. So many times have I wanted to throw a brick at the TV hearing that lady say to give the 8 Greens as a snack for kids. No. That’s messed up. On so many levels.
- Gimme some sneakers back! Gimme that Ryka! Skechers! I sure do miss a good sneaker deal.
- Candles! Blankets! Little decor items that make us smile!
- I miss you VPH! I’ll keep saying it!
- Where my Lock n Lock girl at?
- Return process is a pain. Just give us a break already.
- Free ship more often or, after a $40 or x amount purchase.
- Give loyal customers coupons or INCENTIVES to come back and feel like you care about us.
- Zoom invite all of us for a series of focus groups. We have a lot to say.

I guess what I’m saying is that - they’re trying too hard in areas they truly don’t and won’t have a leg to stand on.

If you fell asleep during this novel I wrote I do apologize. But as a newbie to this gang I wanted to throw my thoughts on the table!
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I'm still awake. You make a lot of sense.

If you want to make a good living, you got to put on a good show. Johnny Lee
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I looked at the lineup this morning and Josie Maran, really? How much Josie Maran can you shove down our throats?

I stopped watching QVC altogether. Know what? Haven't missed it one bit. It had gotten un watchable . I watched one hour this week with Mary and Kim Gravel. I enjoy watching those two but would never buy.


So, it's so long QVC from a once loyal QVC customers for 30 years. Good luck getting your "younger" viewers.

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Cannot figure out your age @FitFoodie but I'm guessing you are in your 40's which is younger than me. I found QVC in 1989 and purchased a lot over the years. Not buying much now.  You have made some very good observations. Wish you were an advisor to Mr. R or whoever is making these crazy decisions and encouraging the hosts act so hyped up that I sometimes wonder if they are drunk or high!

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I agree with a lot of what your said; however sometimes I feel like all they sell as far as shoes ARE sneakers.  VPH and the Lock & Lock lady are on a lot too.

Re Diamonique - wish they'd offer more in 14K gold like they used to.  

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QVC has many brands that NEVER make air time...why?

If you carry a product why not showcase it.


A dedicated hour is not necessary, how about an hour of many products that don't make air time?

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@FitFoodie Well said! I especially appreciate your pointing out QVC has lost its focus on broadcasting. Too many channels equals too much overhead. Cut it back to basics. Dance with the ones that brought you.

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I agree with you 100%!!  The product selections have gotten STALE!  If the Q wants to gain customers and make money, get with your buyers and go out and find those unique items; clothing (boutique styles), home decor, shoes, jewelery, the whole lot!  You KNOW there are better, unique things out there in the world.....GO FIND THEM!  I am so tired of the same old, same old, every single day.

(P.S. send your buyers to Anthropologie for inspiration)

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I agree with the OP.  Unfortunately, I think the 'powers that be' don't pay any attention to these forums.



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Great first stab!  I've been thinking of writing the same things.  Like you, my Mom watched QVC back to CVN days.  Because of QVC's presentations, she was the most educated senior when it came to knowing about new products on the market, gardening tools, and electronics.  She didn't buy excess products but she wrote down the numbers of items she wanted me to see and many times after viewing the item I'd buy one for each of us.  So, we only watched the hosts that knew details about the products and were pleasurable to watch.


In my opinion, QVC has a few advantages over other online retailers:

1) First, live presentations of the product.  Most retail now is take it or leave it and no sales clerk can tell you about the product.  So, the quality of the hosts on QVC is very important to keep customers.  I never buy an item without watching a show or the online video first. 

2) Easy pay option

3) Offering of new products which aren't on the market yet


Losing Carolyn & Dan as hosts has started a big discussion on the age of QVC's customers and target group.  Some comments have been quite rude so I feel it's important to understand shopping habits of some over 60.  I was lucky to be able to retire at 62 and now have the time to change my lifestyle and organize my life.  This means new casual clothes, time for gardening, and getting my home organized.  Out with the old and in with new fun useful items.  I was just starting to get into morning routines watching Carolyn & Dan's morning shows, especially the garden shows to start my day.  It's been years since I watched QVC at night due mostly to the selection of hosts.  Now the only host I watch is Mary D. and once in a while David V.  David's show isn't the same without Mary.