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Mumbling Fast Talker

Would someone please tell a few hosts to slow down, especially Kerstin......they talk so fast they are mumbling.......add the forced selling & it is a complete turnoff.......I know it is a shopping channel & their job is to sell, but why is it some hosts like Carolyn or MaryBeth can say the same things, but they don't shout, they don't scream "buy it now" and they don't mumble because they are talking so fast......slow down, enunciate, & sell with class please........

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

I wonder if QVC ever requires that their hosts review their on-air presentations at all.  Surely, they could see how they come across to the viewers, and not only with the "warp-speed" talking, but with the "ums", over-use of certain words, etc.  I would expect much could be learned. And who knows?  Maybe even improvement would result?

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

I've watched Kirsten this morning and haven't heard her mumble or shout.

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

Different people like different hosts.  There is a reason your remote control has the ability to change channels.

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

Sometimes hosts do talk fast.  I think they have a number of products to fit in a show.

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

Kerstin immediately makes me put my tv on mute........

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

Don't watch many hosts.  Have given this advice to many folks over the years in different types of situations:  not everyone has perfect hearing.  If you speak fast, they may miss what you are saying and substitute what they think you said.  Some will just give up totally and pretend, nodding their heads.


If you are in sales, whether or not on TV, please slow down and pronounce all the syllables.  If you rush, you may lose both the sale and your audience.


One last item: DON'T COVER YOUR MOUTH because some folks lip read.  Either way, you are muffling your voice so those with good hearing are spending more energy trying to understand you.

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

I haven't noticed this mumbling as much on the Q as I have on Evine.  One of the hosts there, I believe her name is Lynne and in my opinion, she far outdoes anyone else  due to her mumbling and fast talk. These kind of presentations are so irritating no matter how nice the host seems to be.

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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

OMG, I so know who you're talking about.
I can't understand a word she says after the first few.

It's like pig latin to me.

I really was starting to think I was the only one
who noticed!

I turn her off instantly!

That's how we roll in the shire..
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Re: Mumbling Fast Talker

Her speed is awesome, but Amy can do better. She is speedy, does not enunciate, and with baby girl inflections up and down, congratulations if you get it. 


I even tried Captions On and they talked too fast for that.  If you're going to sell, the Q ought to recognize it's important to be understood. And of course, we can't hang out if we can't understand.