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I haven't been watching much lately because it's Fall Preview Clearance Fashions and Christmas in July, neither of which is a favorite of mine, but Katrina is on my DVR on Wed eves, so just checked in, and she mentioned they have THREE themes this week, not just Fall Preview Clearance Fashions, not just Christmas in July, but also Beach Week????  Huh????  What are the beach items?  Is anyone shopping these promotions?


BTW, the specialness of her Upgrade Your Look show is gone in my opinion.  They took away her second camera and she no longer changes or puts outfits together.  Now just like any Q2 show with one camera, no models, just one color shown on her hands and a computer screen.  Coming off my DVR... ☹️☹️☹️

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agree that this new concept show has been derailed . Am so crossing my fingers  that the prowers that be Leave her other show  The Szish List  alone.

 As far as beach ware being on sale ,  I just checked and they raised the prices again  on beach items   such as swimsuits .

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Truly a mishmash.


But the way, Angel will be at the beach today for her Quacker Factory Live show on Facebook only.  She says it's on QVC's FB page at 11AM (ET).