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I'm just waiting for them to launch a jewelry subchannel.  I used to love watching Jane T on Silver Style on Sunday am.  And there used to be a lot of jade shows, but I guess there's some embargo?

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The more channels you have the more products you can present for people to buy.

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When are they going to start a cooking channel and banish Mary and David to it? Too many channels. Too much busy stuff on the web site. Too much repeated merchandise. At least planting season is finally over for the spring, no more daylilies.



Planting season may be over.....but that unfortunately makes more room for more vacuums, more blenders, computers/tablets, beds, mattresses, It Cosmetics, Dooney, and Argan Oil Woman FrustratedWoman Tongue

It's like one big infomercial after another, @Spurt.



Yep sure is! And the multiple times they show the TSV on one show ARRGGGH!!! and it's a long and lengthy presentation too takes up most of the show...........These days I just find myself turning the channel to something else rather than QVC 

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I've been watching the Q since 1995.  I always thought I was watching live TV.


How stupid am I?

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I guess they want to be able to show the TSV a total of 24 hours a day between the 3 channels, instead of just 10 hours a day on the 1 channel...


Actually, I like it.  I like to have the Q on in the background when I am putting around the house and when there is a snooze fest (e.g. full hour of a bed or a dyson) I can put on another channel.  I am guessing it makes financial sense too--they already have the studio and that is a fixed cost.  Yes they have to pay for hosts, producer, camera but that is only if it is live (vs recorded).


one thing I especially love about Beauty IQ and Q2 is NO TESTIMONIAL CALLS!!!

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While presenting the Big Deal, the host mentioned they'd never be able to offer this item at this price on the main channel.


But due to the smaller viewership on Q2, some vendors who simply can't produce the numbers needed for a TSV are now able to be on Q2 as the Big Deal.


This gives some smaller vendors a chance to be seen.

I like it.