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Does anyone know what happend to her?  I know she went off to have another Baby but i think that was sometime ago and i enjoyed her as a Model.

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I just saw her the other morning on I think Jayne's show.  Cute as ever


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She's in this video from Monday morning. 



Screenshot (417).png

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She was on Sat's AM Style and Leah announced that Meredith is expecting another baby girl in about 5 months. (I think)

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I think she had the baby already
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Ok i saw the Vedio from this past monday.  She just came back to work Lea said that she had a baby Girl.  Glad she is back.  I like her as a Model and she is short like me so i get a better idea how the things she is wearing are going to fit me.  Thanks for all the Answers.


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Re: Meradith the Model

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Im glad QVC has petite models since I'm also petite.  Yep, she's as cute as a button, but one thing Meredith that she does that drives me CRAZY is she constantly flexes her legs....she will stand like a flamingo with one leg bent...or she continuously moves her legs like she's riding a bicycle, or needs a trip to the bathroom....It makes it hard to judge the length of pants, jeans, leggings, capris, dresses, skirts, and tunics and long cardigans when she's moving around so much...ARRRGGHHH!!!.. I notice the other models don't move their legs as often, mostly to show off shoes..........  


And you cant trust the measurements online...Ive been burned using those before so I rely on seeing how it looks on the petite model.....And when I cant judge....then it's a NO SALE for QVC! Woman Sad

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