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Mary Beth is a beautiful woman and a wonderful host, IMO. However, with regard to her hair.....could it be that since she doesn't have bangs anymore, this has changed her look completely?.  I have bangs (age 62) and when they start to grow and split, this changes my look (not for the better).  I love my wispy bangs and wouldn't go without.  My hairdresser agrees.  I loved when MBR had the shorter hair and the layered bangs.

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I think Mary Beth's long hair ages her by many years.  You need to have the right facial features to wear your hair long & she does not. Also she needs to do away with the BLACK eye makeup!  She needs a much lighter eye.

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I don't like her long straight hair. I think she looks more attractive with shorter hair. If you look at her picture on Meet the Hosts, she looks younger and the style becomes her.