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so I went there and what did I find?  308 Fashion offerings and 18 jewelry.  It seems that the shopping channels - Evine, HSN and QVC are saturated with Fashion offerings more than anything else and I wonder why do so much Fashion and then take the chance that these things will be returned?  It goes to reason that they will be returned a lot.  


Why don't they make the decision to cut down on Fashion offerings?  If you say then women wouldn't look at their channels then what is the chance of them looking at other things you offer like washing machines in QVC's case.


Fashion is so fluid and unpredictable it's like betting on a horse IMO.

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Re: 70% off clearance at Evine

@newname0  It's the profit margins.  If they can have it made oversees for $4 and then charge customers $60, and even if sold wholesale to QVC, for $40, or discounted @ 50% off for $30, the amount of profit is there.  


They also offer their "exclusive" brands that buyers are unable to purchase at other retailers, so if you are a fan of their brand, you would tend to still buy even though fashion items are available at other retailers. 


I do agree that I would like to see a much larger variety of items, instead of the same items over and over. 

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Re: 70% off clearance at Evine

Evine does have good clearances but the s/h is the deal breaker for me------and I am NOT  going to get their c-card just to save on it----I don't shop with them anymore unless there is free s/h. Not really impressed with much of their stuff anyway.