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Yes I do miss Jill.  The only thing I found enjoyable about any of the holiday programming were Jill's decor shows.  Not because I need any holiday decor or even bought any of the stuff offered.  I just thought she was a good host and I liked the ideas she had of putting things together.  I didn't even notice that she bragged a lot about things she had done but I see no reason why she shouldn't have been able to mention it if it was true.  


I really miss Jill during Philosophy shows as well.  I just liked her no nonsense approach to her shows.  


I do follow Jill on her social media but I don't generally watch her videos with guests nor do I participate in her book club.  Jill posted maybe 4 or 5 photos of Trevor's baseball team and she might post on social media once or twice a day which is hardly 24 hours a day.  And some of those photos are of her family so it does appear she is spending time with them. I guess to some she doesn't spend enough time with her family and to others, they don't want her to post about the time she is spending with her family.  You can't please everyone.