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I don't think she's replacing anyone. They just needed another host. For all we know there could be other hosts in training as well.

HSN has 2 hosts in training right now. One is Amy Bravo, a former HSN model. The other was introduced during the Wendy Williams show. Not sure when they will be on air.

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I for one, am very glad Lisa is returning. I wish her all the best and she will be just fine in doing a great job hosting as she has in the past.

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I happened to like Lisa Mason a lot. She was a great host. Did I read sometime ago that her husband had health issues?

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On 4/7/2015 lousgirl84 said:

I happened to like Lisa Mason a lot. She was a great host. Did I read sometime ago that her husband had health issues?

Yes her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 esophogeal (sp) cancer which is why she had to leave the Q abruptly after returning to hawk the the tooth product. It seems as though things are turning for the better for her husband and Lisa has decided to return as a host.

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I think she left to pursue other career ventures and Gino was diagnosed after that. She has been away from QVC five years ago and Gino has not had esophageal Cancer for five years; I believe he just finished treatment.
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On 4/6/2015 lousgirl84 said: Who is she replacing?

I was thinking that they might need more hosts with the implementation of QVC Plus. Some of those shows are re-broadcasts, but some aren't. I'm still wondering if Mary will be a host soon, too. I think she'd be great.

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So happy to see this. Lisa is class act knows her products, witty and a non pressure sales approach don't know if the later will change. Happy for her and blessings for husbands continued health improvement. I missed her.
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you can best believe that one of the other hosts will slowly fade away with her returning.... any takers on who it will be????? I say one of the guys ...... ????

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Love Lisa Mason! So glad she is coming back!!!