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She's "drop-dead" stunning.  No other way to say it.  

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Exactly correct. There is nothing wrong with being a larger frame or even overweight but people look and feel better when they lose weight and look better in their clothes. It is hard to stay slim and keep weight off and not everyone can. However Leah does look better since she’s lost weight even though she’s a lovely person no matter what she looks better now. And I
Love her hair
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I had noticed that she looked like she had lost weight but when I saw her Saturday morning .. wow.. she looks so good.. Congratulations on that weight loss Leah.. you said you had working on it since January and it shows.. so happy for you .. stunning 

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There is something special about Leah,and has always been,she makes me smile whin I see she is on.She posesses a charm that is hard to explain.I appreciate her manners and the respect she gives with those she shares the camera.My favorite host far!

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I totally agree.  I have lost weight and I feel better, look better

and appreciate the compliments.


Leah is a beauty, and I am happy for her.


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@Susan in California Congrats on your weight Loss!  I am sure you look fabulous.

saw Leah with Louis and the change in her is amazing.  She was always lovely but she looks incredible now.

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Leah has always come across as beautiful - from the inside out.  She surely has been working on herself as she has seen fit.  She looks amazing.  I love her hair, her skin is flawless and her style is perfectly suited to her.  Her personality is so warm and welcoming.   Leah is stunning.  Enjoy all the compliments.  



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Leah does look wonderful!! I thought it was my imagination one Sat when I tuned in & then my Mom called me & asked if I've seen Leah lately? Nothing wrong with complimenting someone who works hard to make a change.

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I agree.


I'm losing weight on the Today's special Nutrisystem and when someone comments to me that I "look good" it's a little reward for the dicipline required to lose weight.


Leah was always beautiful but she has a new found radiance and this gives her that something special that we all love.