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On the subject of socks, I wear them but have yet to find a decent quality-made pair. Get so tired of my shoes "eating"my socks and constantly having to pull them up throughout the day.

I wear a size 9.5 shoe.  Lady’s socks are too short after they are washed and they are made cheaply.  So now i buy men’s socks, and you know what?  They have cute socks with patterns, they stay up, they are long enough and my toes do not go thru the end!!  I am sporting these as I post. So check out the men’s department.  I like the selection at Kohl’s. 33BAAFDA-A3B2-42F4-A6DA-2ABF4504A417.jpeg

Men's socks--cool, and if they'd stay up then even better!  I'm lady size 6.5. Would I need boys size sock?  Thanks!

I am not familiar with boys sizes or how they fit.  I had been buying white mens anklet type socks for my tennis shoes just to get the length and wear.  Men’s come in two sizes.  In November i happened to see they had cute heavier colored patterns that i hadn’t noticed before because i think they were in thedress sock section.  They had some really cute things.  Men’s socks are no longer dull block, brown, blue nylon things for sure.  Based on the size of my feet i would guess that men’s would be too big for you.  You might just shop, take a pair of yours that fit and compare.  Good Luck.