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I complained and complained. Emailed CS. When I finally posted  directly asking for CS help they took care of me. Of course it did take over a month to get it resolved. 

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@prettychis There just isn't any excuse for that. The "pandemic" excuse so favored by some wont fly anymore. They have had 3+ months to get their act together and adapt. Everyone else has.
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Just within the past couple of weeks I have ordered 2 MZ Wallace handbags from that website (on different days) and received each bag in 3 days!! Q, can you top this, LOL?!
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I believe that QVC has laid off many customer service representatives thus when you

call in to find out why an order is almost a month old and still has not come you wait

on hold for a long time with intermittent messages  telling you to go

to the web site.  Please note that we have gone to your web site for "order status"

and it does not tell us if the order is lost and does not allow us to cancel it.  This is why

we need a real person.  I finally got someone today after being on hold for awhile

because I was not going to give up.  They said they would send out a replacement

which is not what I want now.  I just wanted to get what money I have paid thus far

back and cancel.  She said she would do that.  Persistance pays off but why do we

have to go thru so much just to speak to someone.  

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I contacted CS on this topic earlier this morning.  I received an email that an ottoman I had ordered would be delayed.  Okay - I accepted that.  Then the order was listed as "in process."  Now, weeks later and still in process, I contacted CS to cancel it if possible.  The agent said it was not possible to cancel but she couldn't say when it would ship. If I type in the item number, it says that it is no longer available.  Really?  No one knows?    

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I should add I have seen delivery delays with HSN, and today have two items at my local UPS hub.  One will be out for delivery today; the other carries a note that delivery will be delayed.  JTV, unlike the larger companies, is shipping very quickly.

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I completely agree with you on this whole business with shipping and returns.  I feel like QVC is using COVID as an excuse for their extremely poor customer service, which begins from the time you place an order and have an item  'in process' for weeks on end without the option to cancel, then it arrives weeks (yes - weeks) later than promised, and then returns are a complete nightmare - particularly if you use the QVC return label, it could sit in the post office for 14 days before the returns agent even takes possession of it - and then you have to watch the amount being refunded to ensure it is correct, they really like charging you for the return label, even if you don't use it!  And then you have to wait weeks or months for the return to actually even post - I don't know why something like an electronically issued credit would take so long - especially when they can snatch it out of your account with seconds....and if you are lucky, you won't have to try and reach a customer service rep - that could be 1hr or longer of time you will never get back!  Overall it's a horrible experience and has really made me curb my spending with QVC.  I'm just not buying this whole COVID business - I ordered from Kohl's yesterday and had a notice this morning that my order had shipped and will arrive on 06/18, I ordered an item from Macy's last week and it arrived two days later, I ordered from Amazon today and the item is arriving tomorrow.  So, why can't QVC figure this out?  My faith in HSN is also dewindling - their shipping and return process times are becoming just as delayed as QVC....hum, same company, same problem?  Go figure!

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I've been having such good luck with QVC and thought everyone complaining was an anomoly, but the last 3 orders have turned into 2 - 3 weeks delivery. And one still shows the infamous "in process" status. I don't know any other companies that take 2 - 3 weeks to get an item delivered.  Especially when its an item they are selling on live TV.  I think I'm going to take a break in purchasing from QVC until I start seeing better comments about their shipping  practices.

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I SO agree. It's one thing to take forever (which is annoying), but the fact that you can't cancel it is VERY unfair. This seems to be a problem only for QVC. I'm sure they have to be aware of the issues. 

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I suggest all of us who are having these issues inundate corporate with letters complaining. Letter writing is a list art but it is much more effective than emails or complaining here On the Community