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Any thoughts on Jane's outfit including the hat? I hate to say it but I think it looks awful. Sorry Jane!
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My thoughts exactly. When the show first started my first reaction was OMG!

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I agree her outfit looks awful.  I wouldn't say it is her fault, I know they have to wear whatever they are hawking at the time no matter what.

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I have seen a LOT worse--LOL!!

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Not her best look, but kudos to her for wearing what the Q sells.  I always thought it was a missed opportunity when hosts didn't wear Q clothing.  The dress is nice, but the stripes are not doing her any favors.


Jane stripes.PNG

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That's a sight dffcult to "unsee."

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She certainly couldn't sell me that outfit she has on. Not flattering in any way. 👎🏻

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One of the prints would have been a better choice for her but she is in the correct size for her body.  


I like hats and I wear them in the summer.  I don't look great in a hat but who cares I like them.

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This is a strange show! Who would wear those leggings to go swimming? I don't find these clothes flattering at all.

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I think one of the solid colors would have looked alot nicer. She's supposed to know fashion and what looks good on one's frame. Big mistake here.