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Katrina Szish TSV Logo

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So nice to see her schedule for earlier air times and not the usual 1 and 2 am shows.

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@rms1954  I agree.  Katrina is such a fashionista and so knowledgeable of the basics and trends in fashion.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind toward a QVC host

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I think Katrina does a great job! I really like her.

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I'd like to see more of her in the prime hours. Very refreshing.

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And she didn't change into every single color/outfit.  Loved her blue shoes with the TSV.



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I don’t recall seeing a host doing as many collaborations with brands, especially not a new host. I like that she did a nautical collaboration with TheSak ⚓️. 

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I appreciate Katrina's calming demeanor and presentations. She is intelligent and has wonderful command of language. I would like to see more of her in prime hours and less of the frenetic overly dramatic displays. There are a few other hosts that have a similar style but not enough. 

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saw a few minutes of that show several different times --she had no reason to change what she was wearing when the show started.  Nothing sold out and I can't be the only one who decided that a dress that made Katrina look matronly especially styled with that green shrug would be disastrous on me.  I'm out for today.

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Re: Katrina Szish TSV Logo

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I had never seen her before. I saw her do the LOGO show and a bit of the next show but turned to a different channel after her 3rd or 4th "BTW".  What? Is that supposed to be hip and cool? It has the same number of syllables to say as "by the way" so why shortcut? We have a weather woman on local TV who shortcuts her speech all the time and I stopped watching her and her lazy-hip-cool speech also. She can't be bothered to say "precipitation" so it's "precip".  She shortcuts the name of cities too. For example, I don't live in Connecticut but for New Canaan she'd say "New Cane." 


Sorry, lazy speech to be cool is not for me. BTW is not my cup of tea for speaking.