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Goodness.  Another rule?  Think not.

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Re: June

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@Kachina624 wrote:

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@lily of the 


I agree with your thought!  How nice to have positive posts for June!


Often unkindness is thinly veiled claiming our 'rights'.

@Respectlife.  How boring!  A little controversy adds spice to any situation, including here.  All is not sweetness and light at QVC.



LOL @Kachina624 


I suppose....but I find it SO boring with the constant complaints.  The all caps rants on the same old thing!  Same old posters with the same old gripes.  Same hosts bashed over and over again.  Same threats, same claims of injustice!  Yawn!


I am trying to do better to pass on those!  That will make my June a little sunnier, cuz Mom Nature ain't doing it around here!