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@Alexa6352 wrote:

@bestday  My Husband is a Redhead and has DARK BROWN EYES..Yes he is light skinned but not creamy. His Niece is a Red Head and has Dark eyes and not so creamy skin..and she has DARK RED HAIR.But a red head just the same. I believe she is a Red Head..and I kind of like her..

Nothing is 100%, but I still don't think she is a natural redhead. 

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OMG!!!  Is that not the funniest thing ever with SK??!!  SOOO not a sz 4!! Smiley LOL

SK is always saying this ""XXS" is not my size but I'm throwing them on so you can see what they look like. WHY WOULD WE WANT TO SEE THEM SKIN TIGHT ON YOU?? THAT'S NOT HOW THEY SHOULD FIT!!! 


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Julia is a train wreck!! For someone in her 40's she acts like a teenager!! Not to mention she always looks like a mess. More hosts should be professional, well prepared like Jayne Brown.
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Just buzzed by Q, Q2, Q3 and In the Kitchen...Julia was on Q2 sitting on the floor selling outdoor rugs, she was so sloppy it looked like she just got out of bed!  Not professional!

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I love to watch Teri Conn. She is professional and describes the item to my satisfaction.


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      I have always enjoyed Gary's presentations.  And I watched D / C shows often. I noticed that I rarely turn on the D / C shows anymore.  I do miss Carolyn/Gary team but I don't buy much clothing anymore so and D / C really doesn't

interest me.

      I don't watch Julia's shows ever...she is just too loud!  There is absolutely no reason to talk in a booming - almost shouting voice - when presenting items.

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I surf on by to see what he's got, but I can't stay. Yes, Gary can get along with everybody, but it makes his job more difficult, trying to drag an albatross along.

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if this is the case, I'll shop for Denim & Company online.