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I also think Jayne Brown is the best doing Denim & Co with Gary.

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I have never, ever (not even once) considered someone I just don't like "a threat" me or to anyone else. ....  nope.... they are just someone I refuse to waste my time on, whether in person or someone deligated to host a QVC show.   And that's my right to decide for myself whom I feel is doing a good job and who isn't.  I also make choices through the money I spend.  If I decide I can't stand a host by how they are acting I won't spend my money on the product. 


Otherwise, knock yourself out... enjoy whom you enjoy, that's your right, but QVC's choices don't seem to be as popular as the PTB thought they would be.

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There is no one working at the Q past or present that could compare with Carolyn and Gary as a team for Denim & Co.  She was perfect at describing the clothes. Of all the hosts presently at the Q,   I think Shawn would be good at describing the clothing.

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I don't think she's a good host for fashion in general. She doesn't describe fit, colors or fabric. She just doesn't seem knowledgeable about fashion.
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I watched a Denim and Co show with Rachel B and Gary a few weeks ago.  I thought she was the best host with him since Carolyn.  She knows the product and makes the viewer believe that she actually wears D and Co in her private life.  I do not believe that about some other hosts.  Rachel and Gary have good chemistry and the show was not boring.

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I think they should continue rotating hosts, since there are many who work well with him.  Why stick with just one host?

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I totally agree.  She is not pit together well.

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NOT ALI, i like ROSINA.But i don't think any one can replace Carolynn.

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JC is not my cup of tea. I'd rather see Domeier or Alberti.  

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@bestday  My Husband is a Redhead and has DARK BROWN EYES..Yes he is light skinned but not creamy. His Niece is a Red Head and has Dark eyes and not so creamy skin..and she has DARK RED HAIR.But a red head just the same. I believe she is a Red Head..and I kind of like her..