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@goodmom wrote:

I don't mind the outfit.  I wish she would take it down a notch.

I like shoe shows...but when Jane and that Sally started shrieking I had to bail.  The shrieking is fine if you're a teen but women in their 50's shrieking like that, no. Seemed phoney.  I thought Jane looked good,though.

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@Browneyedgirl,  Thanks to your post, I tuned in to catch Jane on QVCplus.

She looks Mahrrrrrrvelous!!

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I think she looks great!  Love her earrings!!!   If you love a style then work it!!  Someday when I am "older" with long all gray hair, I might even dye it with a purple streak and maybe even get a cute nose ring!!!!!   Woman Very Happy

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I liked her outfit tonight a lot better than her "Father Knows Best" dresses.

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I know she's always upbeat and cheerful and chatty chatty chatty but OMG she was so over the top hyper last evening. Tried to watch the show with the new make-up vendor Kristofer Buckle but had to mute it a lot. Heard him say a couple of times that he was nervous. Well no wonder, she probably made him that way. I'd bet that in person she's a real sweetheart and caring person and good friend but she seriously needs to take it down a few notches sometimes. All his stuff sold out early so the LUG bag lady came on to finish filling the hour and she still didn't settle down, it was hard to watch and listen so click, off it went. She did look nice in that blue jacket but I noticed she was constantly tugging at the front of it.

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Of course I think Jane looks great in leather. Woman Very Happy

The long earrings were a different look. Jane is a QVC workhorse. Good for her.

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I think Jane looked great. I loved her outfit, makeup and hair!
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Image result for leprechaun . animated pic

I guess I've just viewed too many Rose of Tralee shows--not a fan.

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I unfortunately cannot watch this host because of the speed talking and the gesticulations and the constant personal digressions.

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Jane's pants and short jacket days should be over, even with the long top underneath it still was not the best look for her. I love Jane in shorter dresses, even ballet length with a fuller skirt. Her hair and make up IMO is just too harsh for her, I remember when her hair was a lighter shade of brown and she wore her hair in a short bobbed style, she looked great. As long as we are critiquing that show, that dress Miss Sally had on was way to young for her. I love Sally's energy and admire her clothing choices, but not last night.