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Does Jane think she is 20??? The hair and outfit are a little too young for her.


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I think Jane looks fabulous!


Is there a certain age when women are no longer allowed to wear jackets?

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I was just thinking how nice she looks.

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I don't mind the outfit.  I wish she would take it down a notch.

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I think Jane always looks nice and have been watching her for about 25 years on QVC. 

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The last I checked, we are living in the 21st century.


@Browneyedgirl, so tell me.....

What is the age cutoff for Jane's outfit & hair style?

What should she be wearing & what hair style.  Please post photos.

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@Browneyedgirl wrote:

Does Jane think she is 20??? The hair and outfit are a little too young for her.




Thank you for giving your opinion on what you think is too young for someone else.  I believe we're all as young as we want to be and feel.  Instead of spreading negativity, spread kindness.  It doesn't cost you anything. 

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I came here to post that Jane looked great tonight and I am enjoying the show, she is probably super excited to launch a new vendor! I hope to try some of his line soon!
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I think Jane looked fine, but the shrieking during the shoe program was too much for me. I had to turn it off. Enthusiasm is one thing , but this was over the top.

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@Browneyedgirl you dress according to your choices and let others do the same.