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Just watched Laura Geller show with Courtney and Jane. Jane always says she uses It foundation.    Well in my opinion her makeup tonight looked so much nicer and less cakey .   Laura Geller's makeup is a much better quality than It. The It foundations all settle into lines an wrinkles.     Jane looked lovely tonight.   JMO

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I almost didn't open this post because I thought it was going to be critical of JRT.  Thank you for giving Jane a nice compliment.  I didn't watch the show but for someone who likes JRT I appreciate your last sentence.  

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@LuckyA @I thought she looked beautiful also. I didn't know what makeup she had on but I thought she looked very pretty. I was like you go girl!

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I don't agree that Jane T looked good tonight but I DO AGREE THAT LAURA'S MAKEUP IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT. !!!
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I agree. Also I admire Jane for her enthusiasm in her job. I don't think I was ever that happy at work. 

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What Laura Geller foundation was Jane wearing last night?  I wen to the product review and I only saw Geller pencils. 

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Thank you for posting this.


I currently use IT foundation and if you don't apply it just the right way, it does get cakey which is a pain.  


It's also next to impossible to wash off.  Takes me three steps of cleansing to do it.  


I'll check out the Laura Geller!

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Her eye makeup is always much too heavy. 

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Wow - I've been using the It CC cream for about a year - after loving Chanel foundation for years - and I think my skin has never looked better.  I use a brush to apply and it's not cakey ever.   I use Bare Minerals Mineral Veil over it.


What LG foundation was Jane wearing?