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I agree, there are some big issues with their warehouse. I think part of the problem is the returns department. I suspect the team handling returns is in a hurry (maybe to meet a quota?) and mistagging and/or sending out items that were returned for being defective or damaged. I ordered Cuddl Duds leggings and received a Susan Graver Fleece Coat. The coat was clearly a return and bagged with a Cuddl Duds item number. Last week, I received a size medium tall Attitudes by Renee maxi dress (another with the wrong item number) when I ordered regular. Yesterday, I opened three orders and all three are damaged or defective. One was a Valerie Parr Hill lamp and the base was broken into 5 Pieces. I believe it was sent out this way because the box was missing the protective styrofoam. In addiiton, I have received the paperwork for other customers. Since QVC is paying the shipping on these mistakes, hoping they reevaluate their warehouse team when they see how much the mistakes are costing them. 

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@PatriciaG - well disappointed as just checked stock for my return and of course its sold out.  

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Just today I received an item that I thought I canceled.  Went to research my orders and there it was.  It was ordered the first of Feb. I forgot about it until today, shipping did not say where it had been sitting.  I had a refund on my invoice for about $9.  I like it so I am not going to send back but I know that I canceled it.  Crazy!