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I don't know if others are experiencing orders being filled incorrectly, but it is happening way too often to me.  I have been with QVC for decades and have never had problems like i've had in the past few months.  For example, I placed an order for three pair of Skechers Size 9W; grey, rose, and black.  I received the order today.  The grey pair was correct.  The black pair was not in a Skechers box, did not have a tag, and the bottoms were extremely dirty--this was a return, and I paid full price for them.  The rose 9W that I ordered was a size 7 navy in a box that said 9W.  How does this even happen?  I will say the rep that I spoke with was wonderful, but they need to shake up the warehouse personnel.  So what do we do--stop ordering, keep complaining? 

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I received my first-time-ever wrong item recently.  I was quite surprised.  Lots of companies are struggling, even my post office didn't open on time this morning.


Don't stop ordering, don't complain.  Send back the wrong ones and request replacement with what you ordered.  Hope they are available for you.

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@Another new name Sue  Interesting you mention this as I can't recall having an incorrect size sent in many many years. I received a Sweater that was a 5X and I wear a Large, just  last week. Just odd for me also. Some other posters have mentioned receiving used merchandise sold as new.  Having that many shoes to ship back would be annoying. Hopefully just a fluke.

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So far never has happened to me.  I get plenty of stuff too.  

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I do lots of shopping but the only thing I've had happen was that I received an empty white plastic bag containing another customer's invoice.  The bag had a tracking number for my order which was nowhere to be found.  The mods were able to replace its contents. Heaven knows what happened to the other person's skirt.

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I have been shopping at QVC for many years and never had a problem with getting the wrong item. That is, until this year. In February I ordered a pair of D&C pants and I received the wrong size, even though the label on the bag said PM, the label in the pants were PL. So I called customer service and told them what happened and I wanted to exchange for the right size. Unfortunately the color I wanted was sold out so I got my 2nd color choice. Okay, no problem. A couple of weeks later I ordered a pair of Sketchers, Taupe, 8/12M. I received Lilac, 7 1/2M. This time, the shoes were completely sold out in my size so I just returned the wrong ones. I will still shop at the Q. I figure 2 mistakes in 30 years isn't bad.

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Re: Incorrect orders!

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I received a large bracelet when I ordered a small, but return was a piece of cake.  

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Recently, I received a box that I was needed to pay some amount (around $10) to receive. (I always pay upfront.)


A pullover sweater was supposedly in the box; however, I received instead three gimmicky tags.


I returned all this; I doubt though, that I'll be compensated.

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I've been shopping for decades at QVC, too. Woman Wink Have had very few incorrect items sent in that time frame given that I've ordered TONS and TONS...and thankfully none recently as it seems it is becoming a more prevalent issue. I do recall a few years back getting a size 11 ring and at that time I wore a 5. It was really funny when I slipped it on. 😲 Another time I did get an envelope that was ripped and the post office had a note on it stating that was how it was received. The item was long gone but QVC sent a replacement. The funniest and craziest order for me was a lost shipment. It was for one of those humongous Little Giant Ladders. How the heck does a thing that BIG get lost? LOL!    

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From all the comments here, it sounds to me like hiring incapable workers and also employee theft.


Incapable could be caused by a variety of things.  Language barriers, inability to follow directions, just plain unable to do the job, and those with dishonorable intentions.  QVC may be located in a less than desirable worker pool.  It happens.  


Walmart has closed stores because of this.


Did anyone see on the news the fire chief say the department received 5 false alarms the previous week that turned out to be theft at QVC?  That video is probably still on the internet.


Why anyone would pull the fire alarm instead of calling the police is beyond me.