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I placed an order for an item a few days ago that was in-stock when I ordered - no waitlist or anything.  At first it was in process, then it went to backordered, then back to in process, once again to backordered,and last I checked it is now in process again.  What the heck is going on?  I've never had an item say it was backordered before.  

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@dompaul wrote:

I ordered someting on May 28th and it still hasn't been shipped, nor is there any reference to it although they got my money.

Orders are billed when they ship.

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Yes I have I also had where it was in process and it was changed to back order. You might want to and ask if this could be the case. I heard David say one day on a Sunday that they took more orders than they had of the item, I thought that probably happens alot.

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Same thing for all my orders. I finally called about an item that I wanted to take on VayCay that was ordered in PLENTY of time for me to get it. It sat in the "in process" mode for days, so I called them asked what the holdup was got the "runaround". So I told them to upgrade the shipping to "Express" which I was willing to pay for and now it's going on day three and it's STILL saying "in process". Called again and was "assured" it would ship out this afternoon. I won't be holding my breath! I don't know what's going on at the Q but they need to do something about it!

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Just the opposite with me this week... I ordered a sheet set ($5.50 s&h) on Friday morning from, they shipped Sat. a.m. .... sheets were delivered Monday @ 2 pm (via UPS)....that's the key, it wasn't USPS, plus I live in PA.   That turnaround is unreal for me... never before has this occurred, normally 6-7 business days.