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Well I will list my favs which are:


Jayne Brown





Pat James Dementri

Mary Beth






I must say I don't watch much QVC these days, I tend to catch bits and pieces of shows. There are no hosts that I dislike, just prefer some over others.... 


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@Commoner Exec Mr Wilkes wrote:

Of course it's not baiting!


Just simple fun.


That poster is a chronic constant downer; the only correct thing is what they want  to see.


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I am really enjoying Vanessa these days along with Courtney, Pat,Jayne Brown , Leah Alberti and David.

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@wifey2qt wrote:

I'm sure people like some hosts style better than others...... that is a given! The problem on this forum is the underlying viciousness of some to trash talk a host every chance they get 


Very few posters cross the line. The vast majority are offering valid criticism. Some people use a lot of mush words and others are direct. Both are ok.


I don't know about you, but too many posters think it's nasty or mean if someone disagrees with them.  People need to put on their big girl/boy pants to post on these forums or any social media.

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My favorite hosts are the ones who speak clearly & calmly without being manic and go into detail concerning the product. 


I like watching mostly clothing shows so I am interested knowing about the fabric, fit & sizing.  Not all hosts seem to bother with those details.  I really dislike when they don't mention the sizes that the models are wearing or if an item tends to run large or small.


I have given up on many of the beauty shows.  I need to know lip colors BEFORE they go into their spiel about how wonderful the product is and what a great buy you're getting...NO, I am not getting a great buy on multiple lip products if I can't wear half of the colors!


My favorite hosts are:

Jayne Brown





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@wifey2qt AMEN SISTER!

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I like most of the hosts too, don't think it's easy to be upbeat all the time. My fav's are


Mary Beth

Jayne B




Jane T

Pat D


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I watch very few.  Ali, Rosina, Sandra & Teri are all I can take.