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I enjoy Courtney, Steve, Shawn & Jen ( with Susan) & Rachel (with Kim). I only tune in to products I’m interested in & the host doesn’t determine what I view.
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PS forgot Stacy
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I quit watching & buying regularly after Carolyn & Dan left.  The only show I watch occasionally now is Kim Gravel's shows with Mary.  I like the humor & they discuss the items in detail.  If they get too silly however, it gets turned off too.  

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not baiting at all!!  

just an honest question.  don't read anything into it.  this could be eye opening to other viewers.  Maybe they didn't know anything about an certain host and think 'hey, maybe i should watch her/him.... Or if they didn't like a host, maybe some insight from a poster would help...


and if u don't like the topic, then SOB  (scroll on by)....

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Of course it's not baiting!


Just simple fun.


That poster is a chronic constant downer; the only correct thing is what they want  to see.

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It was very enlightening to see some new host pairings last night.   Seeing Rachel and Vanessa together highlighted the stark difference between the runaway freight train, nonstop fast talking of Rachel with frenetic hand signs and unconnected vagarious topics.   Compared to the calm, professional, down to earth description of the items by Vanessa that concentrated on the uses and aspects of it.   It was annoying to have to mute every time one host appeared.    I really appreciated Vanessa a lot more.

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I appreciate the hosts that actually talk about the product. Jayne Brown & Mary Beth are very good at that. A few mentions of family or activities--ok, but some give their family history/ancestral history/children's accomplishments from birth to the future and much more than I wish to hear. Talk about the product.


I still enjoy David and Mary in the kitchen. I could do with a bit less "I am going to put my face in the food item " etc.I get the feeling that Rossina (?) can not wait until her shift is over--but she does her job.


I also think that Mark Charles (whole  name?)is very good at demonstrating and describing a product. 

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It's hard to choose a favorite. I do like Shawn's sense of humor.  But Jayne Brown does the best presenting. I like most of them. I wish the emphasis was more on sizing than personal talk, and all the "love you's" and "honey" talk. 

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My favorite Hosts:
Jane B.
Least Fav
Jane T.

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All the shows that were my "go too's" are no longer watchable, except AM style with Leah.  I shop online.