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I agree that Carolyn is a wonderful host.  She  provides all necessary information in her presentations, and she puts all vendor guest at ease. 

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It makes Carolyn so professional as she gives us every available information on the item, making it easier to decide whether to buy. She using herself to show us how an item is fitting her.

Yes, Carolyn is there to sell, and she knows how to do her job. Smart hosts would watch her and get valuable training.

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I'm not a Logo fan, but I can attest to the fact that Carolyn is a true professional, she has a pleasant voice and personality, she provides detailed information on the product she is presenting, and puts herself in the customer's shoes.  She is my favorite host! 

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i am sorry to say,but I cannot watch Amy anymore when she first came to qvc,she seemed to do a nice job.Now,she is like a wild woman,never calm and never stops her crazyness.When she is on with Logo forget it.

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"... and I'm obsessed with her, isn't she GORG?  Every color goes with every other color.  You'll be obsessed with this lace, she's INCRED .... I'm simply obsessed with her... obsessed......"


Oh ack ack.... unbelievably affectatious....  and I like some of LOGO's designs but have a hard time watching the Mon night program.


I agree that Carolyn is a joy to watch and goes about her descriptions just like she's shopping....  love that!

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I know this is an early April thread.... glad someone brought it back from the dead ... that is exactly how I felt on Monday eve. watching the LOGO show.  As some have already said, "I'm done watching."     For me, Amy has ruined the only hour of QVC that I enjoyed viewing.   My only hope is that she switches to QVC2 in which I cannot access on my TV.

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ha, well Monday night used to be "must see" for me but I realized how aggravated I was watching all of the mayhem so I found something else to do (I have a yoga class now) and simply stopped watching.  I'm calm and peaceful from my yoga class AND from avoiding the frenetic silliness.  I miss watching IM's show but that's the price I'm willing to pay.