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ellaphant said: he duos hosting is a clear marketing strategy. They want a more conversational atmosphere. Many complain about it but it's not going anywhere."


The duo hosting is an INSTANT channel changer for me. I can't tolerate it.

"I never changed, I just learned."
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@LilMadi wrote:

SharkE said: "

 can't watch a couple who act like their teenagers and are 

more like 50. i wonder if maybe they hang out with high school kids too much.


In todays world I would be scared to share to much with the public. Showing my recently gifted engagement ring, etc.   I'm not really interested in their private life.


QVC is a TV show."


I agree with you 100%! And the engagement ring girl, bingo! It's all over IG, I think that's enough. QVC is not for that purpose, or is it?

@LilMadi  - Yes, the personal family stories should be done on their social media - not on the Q.   I'm not interested in their children, vacations, husbands, etc. 

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I have no idea who any of the hosts are or their names---I know the old time hosts and that's it--don't watch much anymore---