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@mariadomenica wrote:

Amy is the epitome of adorable!..

She can wear anything a taller woman could.  Class act!  

Another adorable Italian.


Agree with you, @mariadomenica!  Besides being an adorable Italian,  Amy is a Class Act!

Also what I like about Amy is her attention to detail as well as her sense of humor.   Woman Very Happy



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Amy has style. She knows how to put herself together and it all looks effortless. She sometimes reminds me of a young Susan Lucci....another woman who is petite and can wear fashion like no other.


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I enjoy Amy, too. She brings a youth vibe yet is professional and articulate. 


QVC, how about less Courtney and more Amy?



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Courtney is hardly ever on and she's my favorite of the newer hosts.....Amy is a nice person, but her cartoon voice/cackle is too much for me.
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This post was resurrected from 14 months ago for someone to applaud Amy?!!

I find it very strange

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@HB glamma wrote:

This post was resurrected from 14 months ago for someone to applaud Amy?!!

I find it very strange

It is easier, perhaps more polite to resurrect an established thread than start another to say exactly the same thing, don't you think?  


Personally I appreciate the opportunity anyone takes to praise someone's work.  Amy is always prepared and can adjust to any set of circumstances.  She is polite, respectful.  Even if you can't appreciate her sense of humor, she does have one.  I have never heard her berate or demean anyone.  No "girly" "dude" mamma" No your "little thing", yah yah yah,.....   Amy is  not into posing or Voguing, she isn't so insecure as to demand th spotlight, upstaging anyone and everyone.  


The late night Inspired Style is atrocious iwithout her.  Tonight's shows have been fun, engaging, hopefully profitable enough for tptb to fill more prime time hours with talented hosts llike Mary and Amy and Jennifer and Gabrielle