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Q mods, what is HTML and why does it show up in a message (in red) that it was "found" in one of my replies and it was removed.  I have always wondered "what is it?"

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Re: html?????

HTML is coding.  When it happens when you reply, just click the POST button again.  Your post will still go through.

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Re: html?????

Hyper-text markup language. It's what allows you to format your text...font type, size, color... add images, and emoticons to a post. Like putting a b between <> before a word or sentence and /b between <> will make it bold.



For programing, it does everything you see, and don't see on a webpage. In a non-visual to the user, in the header and footer can contain formating that filters what the user can and can't do, like access a locked forum,  or post urls / links, or replace a word with asterisks.


Coding is very basic once you create your own website, or moderate one.   If you're on a computer right click, and select view source, a small pop-up will show the coding for that page. While basic, it can be very time consuming and tedious. What seems like a small area can contain a lot of coding. I ran a sports board for two years coding every Wednesday the up coming spread, while I enjoyed it, it could get tiresome quick.

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Re: html?????

That HTML error message usually pops up when I try to post with an emoji from my iPad keyboard.

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Re: html?????

It pops up when what you've cut and pasted has any links or pictures. Just click "submit" again, and it will go through.

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