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Is the Q going to do this now for the next month??  I don't remember it EVER being this bad!!


Just awful!!

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Looks like they are going down hill. With. The programs and selection of items to buy.

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Agree with you!  I was fairly excited to put ITKWD on while decorating....that was short lived - same ole stuff - spurtles, food, & not sure BUT then


1 hour of the TSV - laptop pleeeeezzzzeeee😳😳😳😳....


45 min of the VitaMix - doesn't EVERY home in America have one by NOW🙄.....


25 minutes or so Food Saver (or whatever it was) - doesn't everyone know how much money you waste "cash in the trash" after years of this ...


and more food & wine....


but wait the HP TSV is on the next hour (3:00 pm show )OR you can tune to QPlus & see it too!!!!


and to think to have to "watch" I had tv on just for noise....




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I can't remember when I last watched QVC.  Boring!  Boring!  Boring!  I check out the program guide and there's NOTHING to spur me into watching again.  It's a shame.  I used to look forward to watching QVC....and to buy a fair amount!  I watch more of HSN these days, but mostly on their craft days.  

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I soooo agree! I'm done with QVC! The constant programming of the same OLD products is absolutely ridiculous! Some of these items are the same ones that were presented three years ago. Have they not emptied their warehouses yet??? Are there not any new items that the buyers have found?? I'm sick of the repetitive sales pitches, the phony yum yum faces and the over gorging hosts doing food shows. QVC no longer has my interest.
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When it is on QVC 1 and 2 at the same time, that is overkill.

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I so agree @LilacTree.  So many full hours of the TSV and then more presentations of another 20 minutes added in almost every other hour.  It's really gotten bad.

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I have bought a lot from QVC since the early 1990s but, like so many of you, I now rarely buy or even look at anything much (except the Forums, which I enjoy).  I am so sick of the boringly endless TSVs, the electronics, the tools, the flashlights, the floor cleaners, etc., most of which in my opinion are aimed at men.  Yes, I know a lot of these are best sellers, but couldn't the powers-that-be in management just THINK about the fact that maybe, just maybe, the many women customers might want something feminine like perhaps a wider array of jewelry, or clothes, or handbags (instead of endless Dooney) once in a while...?  Or maybe look at some new vendors and give them a chance...?  Surely these items could be best sellers, too.


How on earth can they display so much boring stuff under Gifts...?   I would not want anybody to ever buy me any of these "gifts" and I don't believe too many women would. 


Instead of putting a bit of effort into some good program planning, I think the QVC management is just taking the easy way out by selling the same old things they don't have to think about.  To me, they are extremely lazy and need to concentrate on the many customers they seem to be losing because of utter boredom.   We need some variety.


All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

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I only watch the clothing programs - and only the 4 I llke - Susan Graver, D&C,  Isaac Mizrahi and Kim Gravel's Belle line.  I occasionally watch Joan Rivers if I see something when I check the NEW that I am interested in, such as the TVS pants coming up in December.  I also saw the plaid pants in the NEW and purchased them, but I generally do not watch the show.   I did when Joan was alive, but mainly because I liked watching her. 


I used to watch most of the jewelry shows, but at my age, I have mostly stopped buying expensive jewelry so I rarely watch and tempt myself.  I have to admit I do watch some of the gem shows, Creede Silver and Or Paz and have made a few purchases - surely not like I used to when I was younger and had many more years to wear the jewelry.  I have so much now, it is crazy for me to buy any more.


I am not interested in the beauty shows as I wear minimal makeup and don't really believe the claims of the wonders that the cremes, etc. can do for you.  I use Cerave moisturer, recommended by my dermatologist that can be purchased for about $15 anywhere and it works for me.  At my advanced age, I still have no wrinkles and have never used products to prevent them. 


Not interested in any more cooking items, bedding, and all the miscellaneous stuff clogging up the programming now. As for electronics, for any I need I would rather go into a store, compare, ask questions of the sales people who are more knowledgeable than me.


This Black Friday weekend has been a complete blackout of QVC for me as there is nothing on I would care to watch.  My bank account is happy!

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I agree.  Their programming this weekend is awful.  Hours and hours of endless electronics and generic gift shows.   HSN is the same.  I don't understand their logic in thinking that people want three days of computers, headphones, etc.  Women do like to buy clothing as gifts.  I'll be saving money this weekend.