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How fun that your mom "introduced" you to her.   I share her feelings about KL, as do many (although she was NOT everyone's cup of tea).


I cannot remember when I started watching QVC, but they had just moved into their "new" studio.  It was an exciting time.  Since I was working then, and the Internet wasn't in full swing, it was a wonderful source for shopping and a big part of Christmas for me.  


It seems there was a larger variety of products, better quality and hosts that didn't get on your last nerve Cat LOL


I rarely shop Q anymore and never tune in, but I will always enjoy watching Kathy.  She's the kind of woman you would want for a good friend!


Gone are those days. 



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I watched her whole show last night, and the hour flew by.  She gave all pertinent details and then some.  I was amazed that she did all that in the first few minutes of the presentation.  We knew the sizes, carats, everything!


I had forgotten how good she is at presenting.  And she did it all alone!!!  And with humor, not childish giddiness!!  Ah, the good old days of Kathy!





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@Witchy Woman Agree with all you say!

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QVC should hire her as the permanent host trainer

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OMG do they need that! these new hosts are terrible and so are some of the old ones. Why do we need for almost every show. Some are so silly and you learn nothing about the brand or product. and some just like their selves too much. Oh sometimes I just long for the old days when it was a pleasure to watch.

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I like Kathy, but didn't watch because I don't care for her new jewelry line. 

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@Group 5 minus 1 I guess, if you're only looking for jewelry.

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She also writes some hilarious posts on Facebook about her life.

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@snipsnapsnur   @Effie54     I'm not in the market for jewelry, especially Diamonique but I love watching Kathy.  It's such a pleasure watching a real pro or the "gold standard" as someone else said.  I've been a huge fan since the first show I saw.  Seeing the worst makes you really appreciate the best.

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I agree Kathy is the gold standard.  She gives just enough personal information to be relatable. She is focused on the product.


They need to tone down the current hosts. I don’t care what your children do, or wear. I don’t care about your relationship with your husband. Just focus on the product.