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I’ve said it before but I can’t help repeating....imho Jayne is the best host QVC has!


I spent the last few hours working on Thanksgiving preparations In the kitchen and had Jayne’s hosting on in the background. Her voice is so pleasant, her laugh is delightful and she doesn’t rely on the stale tried and true phrases that so many of the hosts repeat constantly. Just a lovely person.

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I totally agree with you!  Love Jayne!

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I like Jayne, and there are several other lovely women, easy on the ears, no sense of urgency in the sales pitch.  No intention here to criticize any of the others at all!  I like Carolyn too.  

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I agree 100%..

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Jayne is the best at giving color descriptions. I always enjoy her hosting skills. She is easy to listen to, and gives important information.  



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I agree.  It's too bad that more hosts aren't like Jayne Brown vs. the other Jane.

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She is one of the few that I do not mind watching.


I do not sit there and wait to be irritated when she is on, like with others, which eventually makes me change the channel.

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She's a terrific host.


What stands out to me is that she'll say if something isn't right for someone, not just hard sell.


I appreciate that.

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I do like Jayne but to my way of thinking, she does a soft hard sell.  It is their job but .

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Ditto....Absolutley !! 100 %...Did I say I agree !!!  Oh yes...On the money..For sure !!!  Oh yes...!