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On 6/3/2014 baker said:

Love the Granny hands, too bad the hosts or vendors will offend any one to sell a product and don't tell me they don't know they are being offensive! I didn't see that show, but LR has been offensive in many other instances.

To be fair, up-thread someone who was watching stated that Lisa did not say it, the vendor did.
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Unfortunately, anything to relates to getting older in the US is to be spurned. My hands are certainly showing their age now, and I use a lot of hand cream. I really don't think it can be avoided unless one goes for plastic surgery of the hands!! I have now seen anti aging shampoos on the market. They know we women will buy any products that offers the hope of keeping wrinkles and grey hair at bay.

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On 6/2/2014 SPURT said:
On 6/1/2014 stevieb said:
On 6/1/2014 SPURT said:

An unfortunate term indeed........the wear and tear do represent a lot of hard work, love, and caring for others....


And yes Stevie your right--and although they are under the illusion they have grabbed a younger demographic with Facebook, pinterest, tweeting, instagram etc etc....nothing could be further from the Q should stop insulting the hand that feeds them pardon the pun since the majority of their viewers/buyers are more within the 45 plus range....

It's almost like they don't know which way to turn... The vast majority of the programming is certainly not for the younger demographic... On second thought, I'm not sure what demographic its for!

I know this is off topic a bit....Yes QVC's products do not match their audience. I was reading a magazine article which highlighted lifestyles with Generation X and Y versus Baby Boomers....

They are not into cooking ----YET QVC has Cooking With The Q events, and 2 big weekly shows in prime time highlighting cooking.

They don't like QVC fashions---too dowdy---read some threads just on this forum alone.

QVC's electronics have far surpassed what they are looking for---they will stand in line for hours waiting for the newest latest and greatest phone or gadget...... QVC focuses on systems that work for the not too tech savvy...mostly special purchases before something new is ready to be introduced....

They don't seem too interested in home decor-electronics are their thing...sleek and simple is their design style---

Deep house cleaning---As the article stated this generation are not "Suzy Homemakers" they prefer the least amount of time required....Would they use vacuum accessories to get those cobwebs or use a carpet cleaner--..YET that appears to be QVC's bread and butter especially on the weekends.....

Where do they buy their cosmetics and beauty products--they prefer Sephora, department stores....

I know this is a GENERALIZATION, but if this article is right, QVC does NOT offer the products to attract a younger demographic.......despite all the social media expenses QVC has made to appear "on trend".......They need to cater to their REAL customer base. Even CEO Mike George characterized the Q customer as 45 plus with a base salary of $50,000 to $250,000....they need to find out what we want---know their customer! At present---they are clueless!

ITA I highly doubt that "kids" in their 20's, 30's, are that interested in SG, Denim & Co., vacuums, and even cooking items (which I like to watch). I still think the younger ladies like to make shopping an adventure with girlfriends then go to lunch, etc. I doubt they are rushing home to watch QVC. Also agree they would rather browse at Sephora, Nordstrom, etc. for cosmetics.

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awww, I wish I could still hold my granny's hands, "granny hands" and all. {#emotions_dlg.crying}

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Wait a minute ............

$55 for hand cream ?? ..... What did it have in it? .... Gold dust?

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I love my granny hands. The stories my hands can tell! I talk to my granddaughter about the adventures of my granny hands. She enjoys my stories. I wouldn't give up my granny handsSmiley Happy
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On 6/4/2014 sam29 said: I love my granny hands. The stories my hands can tell! I talk to my granddaughter about the adventures of my granny hands. She enjoys my stories. I wouldn't give up my granny handsSmiley Happy

This is a sweet post.

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I totally agree about our hands. I'm 77 hands are a roadmap of my life and I treasure every vein, wrinkle, broken nail, and peeled cuticle. I use lots of lotion and hand cremes and it is just temporary so the age does show thru..but I'm not going to keep them in my pockets or be ashamed. I will continue to keep my nails, wear my diamonds and Judith Ripka rings and be proud. I think Lisa and other hosts are very insensitive calling them 'granny hands.' Hopefully, they will see this and be reminded to be more sensitive to all age viewers.

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Lisa is very shallow and her comment about "granny hands" was insensitive and immature. If the vendor used the term instead of Lisa , that should have put Lisa into damage control; I hope she said something making it clear that she didn't agree with that comment. I would like to see the video of this presentation if someone could tell what the hand cram was.

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On 6/5/2014 lovesrecess said:

Lisa is very shallow and her comment about ""granny hands"" was insensitive and immature.

See Post #20.

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