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@Nataliesgramma wrote:

I am not seeing any ads either on my Android phone or tablet...

@Sueliz @Nataliesgramma


Maybe its a Mac and/or iphone problem.......................

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I use both my phone and my computer (not tablet) for my QVC shopping.  I am getting the ads on my computer.  We have an ad blocker.  I'm not spending time trying to get rid of these and they are interfering with my shopping.  I spent a mint on the Christmas shows and I can say right now that if these ads continue, I will quit shopping here.  They are big and brazen and right in the middle of the page.   I tried to do three searches for something (shoe shopping with Jane) today and nothing came up but ads.  This is unacceptable.  


QVC, you are making enough money off of us and this is not the place for ads.  Fix the problems that are occurring with your website instead.  Like clicking on options for items is not working much of the time.


Another woman started a thread on this and got a smart alecky answer to get a web blocker.  I don't appreciate comments like that.  If I have to work to get rid of these, then count me out.   If my current ad blocker isn't good enough, I'm not spending time on how to get rid of internal website blockers.  I'm not here to help you make money with ads and I resent it.  

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I am not seeing any ads on my android phone or my laptop.