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Does anyone here buy food on QVC? Food prices have skyrocketed everywhere; just wondering if food here is worth the extra?

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Many here do, I personally do not. I do buy from local ranchers/farmers here in Colorado.

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I don't buy food from Qvc but I have some friends who do. They live far away from stores that sell the stuff Q sells and it would cost them too much gas and time to make the trips if they could find a store that sells it. They find shopping on the Q for food is worth while simply b/c they don't have access to the that sort of food and the prices are reasonable compared to what they would spend on gas to make the trips to the far away stores.

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I rarely buy food from the Q, but what I have found is that while good it's not special.

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@Webpeggy   The only food I have bought twice is The Perfect Gourmet Shrimp Scampi.  Last year in July it was $67.00 and change, this year $69 and change. 

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At the beginning of the pandemic, I did often buy food from QVC.  I liked almost everything - a lot!  When I retired last summer and got on social security, I stopped. There's no way I can afford it, especially in these economic times. 

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@Webpeggy, I have purchased David's cookies, bagels, Faroe Island salmon, KC medallions and tenderloin, chicken fried chicken, Rastelli burgers, and Corky's baby back ribs, and ham. . I would buy these again (depending on the price). I also purchased meatballs, Rastelli round hot dogs but I don't think that I would buy them again. There's only my husband and myself. Now, if I had a larger family living here, don't think that I would buy very much. 

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I have NEVER or will NEVER buy food from QVC. The price of ALL the food QVC sells is BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS.

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@Webpeggy I have bought during holiday time,the Carmel apples.the kids seem to like them,but other than that,no.very pricey for my budget

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Yes. I do.


I have never had a problem and have never been disappointed.