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What do you think the chance is that QVC will have at least one more FREE SHIPPING DAY before Christmas?

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I think it would be a very small chance.

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Probably 12/14
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I think the chances are zero. I base this on a few perspectives (which may or may not be valid):


1. They've been promoting 5 and 6 Easy Pay days or for generous hour intervals quite a bit to encourage holiday shopping that will not dent a budget. This costs them very little but is a good incentive for many shoppers. Free shipping lowers profits; accommodating customers with Easy Pay does not directly impact profit.


2. The single free shipping day already offered was very rare, so I think repeating it anytime soon is unlikely. It's an incentive that is not necessary to increase sales, since this time of year everyone wants convenience as much as value. QVC mentality: if you don't want to pay for shipping, go to crowded stores, fight for parking, wait on cashier lines. See, now paying for shipping while shopping at home in your pj's gets appealing. (Or find a "better" online store.)    


3. People want to get the stuff in their houses and cross it off the list. If paying for shipping does that, most customers will pay. It's return costs that seem to really irritate QVC customers, not always initial shipping.


4. Consumers cannot feel entitled to count the profit margins of retailers. If a shopper thinks QVC makes "so much money" they shoud give up some profits by absorbing shipping costs, that's minding QVC's business.  QVC knows how much money it needs to make to maintain their business and still provide quality and value. Whether they profit by charging shipping costs or by merchandise markups is their decision.  I can take my business elsewhere, but I should not be the one to decide QVC makes too much money or how they make it, so they should cut profits and give me free shipping.


I like free shipping, but I doubt if it's really free. I'm sure the price for the items goes up or there are other ways the margin is maintained. QVC  finally gave a free shipping day. They will assess how much sales might have increased versus how much all that shipping cost them and decide when to time the next one.


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The Q has had more free shipping days in two years, than in the last 20 years.  I doubt there will be another this year, but that's just my opinion.

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@Lndf1398  It's always hard to say and all you can do is keep an eye out because they have mixed it up a bit this season.  Here is what they have had so far (you may already know all of this and I could have missed something):


10/28/2018 - a four hour free shipping event - I believe it was 11:59 until 3:59 p.m. - this one was a new one on me and I would have missed it if I hadn't logged on. 


11/10/2018 - entire day, free shipping


12/1/2018 - late evening free shipping and then entire day of 12/2/2018.


There have also been days/weekends with certain items like kitchen or electronics on free shipping.  You really have to keep an eye out - or if you haven't already sign up for their emails - although those can be hit or miss for me.  


The Q has been pretty good this season, not just having one day of free shipping.  Would be great for one more last free shipping day sometime before Christmas as long as there would be plenty of time to receive the shipment.  I think sometimes they get overwhelmed when they have the free ship days.