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Yeah, if your purchase ever gets out of "In Process" for delivery.  Ordered the TSV Lamos boots with ribbons on back on 11/28 and still in process...

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@queendiva wrote:

QVC must have hired additional seasonal workers for the warehouses. My last orders made within the past week have shipped after just a couple of days. Appreciated.

This is why I've said before that the poor shipping is a choice by QVC. Because I know they can do it at Christmas, so failing to ship expeditiously the rest of the year is a choice they've made.

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Folks don't get your hopes up regarding qvc shipping!!!!! exactly one day after xmas last year, almost a year ago, qvc starting going downhill quickly in many areas, and one of them is shipping, the rest is return processing, customer service, the moderators on this forum, to name just a few.  Betcha things go back to the pony express style the day after xmas.  What a pity, because as I predicted, QVC could have handled their shipping issues ALL YEAR LONG BY HIRING MORE PEOPLE (OLD SAYING, SOMETIMES ONE NEEDS TO SPEND MORE MONEY TO MAKE MONEY) AND THAT IS WHAT QVC DID FOR THE LAST TWO WEEKS IN ORDER TO TRY AND MAKE A PROFIT WHICH i DOUBT THEY DID.  tHINGS WILL GO BACK TO THE UNACCEPTABLE NORM THE DAY AFTER XMAS, RETURNS WILL TAKE WEEKS IF AT ALL, AND AS i SAID ALL YEAR, QVC JUST NEED TO KEEP MORE PEOPLE ON THE PAYROLL TO MAKE IT EFFICIENT AND KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY.  tODAY i WENT TO THE MALL TO DO MY HOLIDAY SHOPPING, IT WAS WONDERFUL, NO CROWDS, XMAS SPIRIT ALL AROUND, BARGAINS, TONS OF DIFFERENT MERCHANDISE, AND A REAL PLEASURE.  QVC HAS SCAPED THE BASEMENT AND SHOW THE SAME JUNK DAY AFTER DAY, HOW MANY DAYS HAS THE hALO CAR CHARGER BEEN ON FOR THE PAST TWO MONTHS??/ lmao ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, i WON'T BUY THEIR ****** ANYMORE OR THE RHETORIC FROM THE HOSTS

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They are printing shipping labels, charging us , however items are still sitting for days with no movement.  Clever of them.

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I have to agree that QVC delivery has been much better lately.  The items I ordered this week have been delivered.  I've noticed that most of my items start in a city in my county about 30 min away, then goes to the UPS hub past my house and another 45 mintues away before going to the post office 5 miles from my house.  I wish I could catch the truck on the way past my house!  But shipping in the past 2 weeks has been much improved.


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I could not make a blanket statement saying shipping has improved! Some things do ship quickly and are received , and others take several several weeks. I am waiting two weeks for some Polish Pottery,  A pair of Sketcher Boots  a month, yet my Dura Flame heater ordered on the last free ship day was less than a week. There is no consistency.  Depends on warehouse, method, UPS or USPS and number of transfers. I do not see the system changing with rising shipping costs .

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I have issues with the shipping too!  I got an email saying a waitlist order had shipped, yet when you go check the status, it's been sitting there for 3 days and UPS doesn't even have it yet..what's up with that?  It's not shipped unless the delivery servce has the they MAKE you think it's shipped - only to find out it is still sitting around.  I find it hard to believe that UPS doesn't make a daily run to QVC...  Very frustrating!!!!

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Delivery hasn't improved for me. I ordered earrings on the 3rd and received an email that they had shipped on the 7th with EDD the 11th. They are still not here and the tracking info says they have been in NJ since the 9th waiting to be shipped!!
I called QVC today and was told they are on their way.
I ordered them to wear to a wedding tomorrow so I am NOT a happy camper!!  

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@queendiva wrote:

QVC must have hired additional seasonal workers for the warehouses. My last orders made within the past week have shipped after just a couple of days. Appreciated.

@queendiva   You must have got lucky.  This is the worst year for receiving stuff on time and getting lost in the shuffle.    

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Credit where credit is due. I got the Philsophy TSV plus another item last weekend on free shipping weekend. They both arrived on Thursday. Also placed an order during Macy's F & F sale that has yet to arrive and took several days before it even shipped.

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