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@geezerette wrote:

I really don't see why any of the hosts have to taste the food.

@geezerette , 

I imagine that sales went up when David's eyes rolled back in his head when he tasted the food.

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@rms1954 wrote:

He is on a strict diet so he has to be careful what he eats.  I don't see anything strange about it.  His food eating/tasting for his demonstrations was probably a big contributor to his high weight gain to begin with.  He's just trying to stay healthy.

@rms1954  I agree with everything you stated and that is exactly why I don't buy any QVC food items. I want to stay healthy too. If he won't eat the food because it's not good for him, why should I?

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Tasting the Food vs. Eating the Food.  Tasting it during a show is likely not the cause of his weight gain.  I would suggest he had an occupational habit that extended over to his off work hours.  Perhaps, too they cook the food for the studio and eat it off camera.  I don't think anyone can gain an enormous amount of weight by just tasting food.  That's just how I think about it.

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It's similar when Paula Deen was diagnosed with Diabetes and lost beau coup pounds. Networks no longer wanted her food and it wouldn't sell. Now she just sells cook ware. 

David looks so pitiful standing there with his hand on hip, looking hungrily at the food while calling Steve to taste. If it's not healthy for you, why would I want to eat it to get fat and die early?

Myself personally, I don't watch those shows with all those delicious baked, sweet goods that just looking at maks me want some. I know that stuff is not good for me, and I simply am not going to bring it home for temptation. 

I want to be healthy with a good BMI, low Blood Pressure and low cholesterol just like David.

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I liked it better when no one tasted the food!

Nothing worse than seeing a couple of hosts standing over the food waiting to dive in like they haven't eaten in days.

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If his diet is that strict then he should not be selling food.

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@Group 5 minus 1 wrote:

If his diet is that strict then he should not be selling food.

@Group 5 minus 1  I've seen him taste the food. Small human bites. If he was not on the food shows his groupies would revolt. And he has many of them.

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David's forthcoming book will document his journey and provide all new recipes for those who want to follow a similar regime. 


Qurate's marketing machine is already getting him widespread publicity in advance.

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I've read here many times, viewers do not like to watch him eating food.  Maybe that's one of the reasons.


Doesn't bother me at all.  I could watch David all day long.  

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I have never bought anything by watching a host ooh and aah over how good they thought it was, so I'm fine with him not eating everything. As one who has had a weight problem all her life, I can imagine it's difficult for him to pass but he's doing it for his health. I don't think most things sold on QVC are very healthy. Even the fish filets are shown drenched in fatty sauces to make them look delectable. I say hoorah for him to fight eating everything. I know that, even if he takes a small bite of everything in a show, the fat & calories will add up quickly. Even that bone broth that they sell as healthy is full of sodium. I think most who are looking to eat healthy realize fresh is best and it's not something they could sell online. My opinions only, so please don't attack.