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Hope you have your wish lists ready as Free Shipping today! 


Beth QVC

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shop on!!


Smiley Happy

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@Beth-QVC  What a nice surprise! Thanks, Beth, for the heads-up! Thanks, QVC. 


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Woo hoo! And two of the items in my Wish List also dropped in price, so I'm a buying machine this morning.  Smiley Very Happy

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YES, we have liftoff.....ordering has commenced!!! Woman Very Happy

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Picked up this Quacker Factory Monarch Butterfly 3/4 sleeve tee (A292684) in the red at a Last Clicks price plus the free shipping. Score!

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Figures...I spent 21.00 shipping 4 items that arrived yesterday, I'm not happy.

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@kitcat51  If you were happy enough to purchase those items 7-10 days ago, enjoy them without complaint. No one knew Sunday would be a free shipping day. 

Money screams; wealth whispers.
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@Beth QVC. None of the items in my wish list are showing 5 easy payments. Only showing 2 easy payments. What’s going on?
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I will be the Debbie downer here and say,

It's Sunday which means itkwd. Most of those items ship for free anyway.

The tsv ships free anyway.

HSN does free shipping deals (free shipping over 75/free shipping day/ free shipping for clearance) all the time.

I appreciate it when QVC does free shipping...but it honestly could be better. Especially since your warehouse has had issues since before Christmas.

I enjoy shopping QVC and I'm not going anywhere because I like the products. 

But I do look elsewhere for product due to the shipping issues. Take my constructive opinion for whatever you want. Have a lovely day. 😊