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In process time seems extended

It appears to me that my items are remaining in process much longer than previously. This is increasing the time it takes for me to receive them. Are others experiencing/noticing this? With more companies are shipping faster, my perception is that Q is going the opposite direction. 

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Re: In process time seems extended

I've notice that too, but it doesn't seem to delay the arrival time that it initially states when I place my it doesn't bother me....I've placed at least 4 orders here in the past few weeks and they've stayed in the "processing" status, but then my order is out for delivery.

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Re: In process time seems extended

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I have noticed my orders stay ITP for 14 or more days untill my QCard bill is about to be issued  and then they ship it and charge me !


I have been following this for months.


I forget what I ordered and really don't even want it anymore when I finally get it.


Recently,I wanted to buy some Easter outfits but I know I will NEVER get them by Easter,so I didn't order anything...... (I'm so proud of was not thinking Easter a few months ago ,when I would have had to order if I wanted it in time for Easter..........


I really need to overcome this BAD Q habit!!!  and that is all It really is, a bad habit!!!! 


That I really  don't need  at all!!!!

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Re: In process time seems extended

It's probably just my imagination, but I get my orders faster if I place my order during the day on weekdays.  It takes longer when I order at night or on weekends.