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Finally realize, The right size order. SG or IM Medium always check garment measurements. Qvc vanity sizing feel silly. No more fussing about incorrect sizing. Amazing when garments properly fit.
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Absolutely -  nothing is so wonderous that I'd order without consulting the click here measurements -   just as I won't walk into any local store and buy without trying on -  not even a garment I just bought in another color in the last week!


The simplest garment, the most unusual garment -  if it doesn't fit, it loses anything special for me.

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I always check garment measurements 

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I always thought the sizing charts were all the same.  That's why I read the reviews and hopefully someone says "true to size" or "runs big" or "runs small".

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Gotta use click here measurements.  Can't assume all mediums are the same.  I know the exact measurements that will work.  If they are higher or lower, I pass on the item.  It's rare I have a size issue.  

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i always have problems with any of the shopping channels sizing charts. i order true to my size and they never fit, especially pants. ordered women with control ankle pants tsv according to my inches and to the size chart and they were so huge on me. so am not going to order clothes anymore online--will go to brick and mortar stores to try on in person. this spending almost $7-8  (for return shipping) to try something on is stupid.

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I always check the charts and even they are bizarre. I've seen on the charts XXS with a 36" hip. I think clothes come from other countries where sizing is bizarre, and when it gets her they figure out the sizing. That's how bad it is.