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Several different thoughts.... Please can the sizes of item be put on the screen.  This is a hit or miss, mostly a miss.

When modeling a top/blouse please don't tuck it in your pants.  I know it's the style but it's very hard to tell the length.

I had a top go to back order after 8 days of preparing my order.  I called this morning rep said I'd get it on 31st.  Just Checked and it's on back order.  This is NUTS!!

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@Loves Cats 80   The sizes are always on the TV screen at the bottom w/different colors to let you know which sizes are available, limited or sold out.

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Re: Clothing thoughts

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Mz iMac

II'm not meaning small, med, large etc, I mean measurements.  

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@Loves Cats 80 If you don't mean what @Mz iMac stated, sizes at the bottom of the page, do you mean measurements? If so, no way would I want ALL that info on my screen. You can go online to get all that info in just your size. If this isn't what you mean I'm not sure what "sizes" you are asking.


Usually the host is wearing an item one way and one or two models another. Rarely do I see one person modeling a top and it is covered or tucked in. I do understand though, if there was just one model and it was tucked in that it would be hard to see. Again, I always go to the "click here" measurements anyway. It's far more accurate since we all have different body types and there really aren't models my exact size. 


As for your last question, I hardly ever have items in limbo that long. I can't say why. I really never order anything from the Q that I MUST have so I always figure I'm just not destined to receive it if it goes on backorder. 

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I very seldom buy clothing from QVC, but if I see something I am interested in, I go to the website and check the garment measurements for that specific item.


I have a fuller upper arm.  I check to see if the armholes are big enough as well as the sleeve width.  I don't expect QVC to show those measurements on TV or mention them.


You can always check the measurements on line.


I admit I wouldn't be happy if I waited eight days to be told my item was backordered.


QVC needs to step up their game in getting items delivered quickly.

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Just my opinion, but I don't want to see measurements on the screen.  How would that even be possible, while the actual item is being shown?  If they pop in a measurement screen it will surely get missed by a lot of shoppers not looking at the exact time.  Plus, it would have to stay up for quite some time.  Measurements are online where they can be studied and compared.


What I wish they would do is always, always have the models turn around.  They aren't wearing mic packs like the hosts.  So why don't the models always turn around so we can see the fit from the back?  This is only sometimes done, and it's not often. 

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Id be lost if I didnt use my computer to check the specific garment measurements on an item while they are talking about it. I love the very specific measurements they give. I wish all sites did this. But you need a computer. 

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I don't like qvc clothes. They look 🤡.
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@Dazzlespaz1993 wrote:
I don't like qvc clothes. They look 🤡.

@Dazzlespaz1993  - This is an insulting comment to posters that purchase QVC clothing.  Why don't you show us a picture of your fashion choices? 

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Back in the day they would put chest measurements up for tops and hip measurements for bottoms in the TV presentations. They don't do that very often anymore. I was flipping channels the other day and was shocked to see measurements for a garment on air, but they went by so quickly and never came back. Checking garment measurements online is always a must before I order anything.