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@judianne wrote:

l think my cc information must be expired by now , haven't bought in 10 years or more as well .

I use my CC then delete after ordering something 

I don't leave it there 

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@Boomernichols wrote:

Do you have to do anything special to close an account with the Q?   Does it eventually go dormant and they just close it because you have not used it?  Just curious.......





Are you talking about a Q Credit Card account hosted by Synchrony OR just the QVC ordering account?


There is a difference!!


You are getting some answers based on the assumption of the Q credit card...which is a real credit card account just like MC or Visa.


Just like any credit card, inactivity may have them close you.


You can have a Q ordering account..that doesn't close.  We all were issued Membership numbers back in the old days....but this has nothing to do w/ a credit card account.  It is just your ordering account...which you could use any CC OR still pay by check.  I don't believe that ever closes.


You could place an order after years of not using it.


I hadn't ordered from HSN in over 20 yrs, but my HSN account was still open.  I just used it.

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Wow, sounds like so many of us have stopped our purchasing here.


If true,no wonder everything is clearance, on sale,repeated items,  etc.and their bottom line is suffering.

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@Cwoldie  It'a a open credit card account.  You need to remove payments methods (whether the card has expired or not) and it still shows up on your credit score accounts.  Another way to get hacked.

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I think many of us have found better quality, shipping, CS, and price at other online retailers.

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Many years ago, I removed my credit card from QVC's site because I wasn't ordering often enough to use it. Since then I've only used PayPal for the few purchases I have made through QVC. It works very well and no one at the Q has any record of my credit cards! 

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That's exactly how cs does it.

@ValuSkr wrote:

You can remove information from your profile, like payment methods and credit card numbers. So little will be left that you are effectively removed, if not actually. (Or, as LR used to say, you will be "virtually" removed.)